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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    Quote Originally Posted by madmackrel View Post
    Fish pics ?
    ha ha ha funny

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    was a great trip good catching up thanks netmaker for the prawns (i don'l think i ran into anyone or anything )came home with a few nice tusk fish 48 cm was the best 1 snap at 40 . don't the gay's cook a good barbie .
    also came home with a broken toe .

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    You slept with one of the shy gays in my cabin didn't you Bret any funny business happen in there lol

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    thats ok harry . i might use predictive text when i do your stickers . ha ha .
    comfy cabin too .

    what happens on the boat stays on the boat . lol

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    hey netmaker and jason p how did you guys go

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    hey guys, that was another great shindig. looks like i've beaten jason to the keyboard despite the drive home. thanks 20ran for providing the barby and more so for getting up before everyone else and doing a brekky too. full marks mate. it went down really well although i was wondering if you might have spiked a sausage by around about 8.30. briefly joined bruce and the berley brigade but will stress that i was NOT sea sick - i was vb sick. well, we had another super fantastic weekend on the water (yes, weekend - we stayed last night too and were up at 4 and back out on sunrise) all bar the fish bit. well, me anyway. the skipper put us on the fish and then proceeded to catch them too. i sadly let the team down and only managed to put 1 tusky in the box which was just size. would have thrown him back if i were in the bay. so, put up with the mandatory ragging of the rubbers and then found that i couldn't do it with the stinky stuff either. and geez, wasn't it stinking by 8 this morn. told jason i thought i was sleeping in a kill tank last night except for the ice. we were initially worried about the somewhat reduced security on night 2 but i think the smell kept the late night drunks at bay.
    the weather this morning out to gneerings was far better than yesterday and almost perfect by 11 when we came back in. gave some somewhat polite abuse to some idiot with his 3 mates in a 4.5m tinny with no lights on hanging around the bar entrance on the way out. suggested perhaps he could turn on a torch at least to which he replied: "it's all good mate". shame mossy wasn't there really cause he deserved a good volley. or brett, who could have just broadsided him. jason finished up with a rte, a grassie, a maori cod and a snap all around 47cm, a blue fusilier and a couple of tuskies. he sent me home with the rte and the maori cod which i look forward to trying as i have not had it before. i can see that i am going to require a fair bit of practice at this deep fishing as i am literally out of my depth. many thanks jason for the outing and to all the members who showed up. great to see the regular faces and meet some new ones too. also i will be trying to bring prawns for the amity m&g too. they should be a bit thicker by then.
    oh, and 20ran is it ok just to call you 20ran? thats 3 m&g's i've met you and still cant remember your name the next day. and i'm sure it has nothing to do with the beer.
    fishing's as simple as 3 P's - patience, perserverance and PLASTIC!

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    and muchus congratulatis to you blokes who did well. well done and happy feasting.
    fishing's as simple as 3 P's - patience, perserverance and PLASTIC!

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    Well where do I begin??

    After the memoth drive up from coutts, and the even bigger drive around Brissy looking for my daughters new diggs and then trying to find Damo' place, we arrived at the ramp.

    Duelly got out grabbed a beer, ahd a yahn, walked around to meet everybody, and instantly forget who the f@ck they are.

    Great Prawn's and snaggs thanx guy's send the bill to the soft cock no shows

    We launched as was said around 8.30pm and headed to damo's mates place.
    I can't recall his name, but his lovely girl Sally was a cracker

    We set to some real drinking, and JD and Damo where comatoasted by around midnight.

    Up earlyish, and away we went, tried to find the bar, but there wasn't one to be seen, so we set out behind wardy and head to the banks.

    On arrival drifted around a fair while for jack, so anchored up, and waited.

    JD threw out a floater and pulled in a thumper spaniard,(see damo dor pics), and then it was on

    He dragged in 2 jobies, 3rte, 1 parra fish, 1 parrot, and a cracking lunar tail trout?

    me, I got farkall, and everytime I whinged I was told to just drive the boat.

    Anyway it was good to catch up and meet new faces, ugly as they were.

    Rob T/Red C

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    Well done to the guys that made the trip north - sounds like you made the most of what the weather gave you....shame the fishing didn't reward your effort better.
    Personally I pulled the pin on Thurs night's forecast and don't regret the decision....despite what some will say....apologies to anyone that got caught out on the catering but I've seen how much some of these guys can put away so hopefully not too much was left over.
    Each skipper will make the call on whether to go out or not based on their best judgement of the conditions and that's how it should be. Sounds like I wasn't alone.

    cheers Rob

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    Well done to the guys who made it up there to the M&G. I soft koked it and stayed at home and cursed every time I checked the forecast. I was convinced it was to 50/50 and my deckie pulled the pin when I told him the forecast and I wasn't that keen on a solo mission !!

    Seeing it was the little ladies Birthday on the 19th I spent to day with her, was good to sit around and veg for a change. But we headed out for a fish in the bay Saturday afternoon and into the night for a feed of squire. Which I baked for dinner with a nice glass of wine to wash it all down...

    Now if the weather plays the game I am going to try and get up there this weekend (28th) for a fish, seeing its my birthday and I have a leave pass..


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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    So who's organising round 3?

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    Muddytoes always has a lot to say...
    maybe he can sort the next one out...

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    Should we have 2 or 3 venues in mind and pick the one with the best weather, a few days out ???
    Maturity is not when we start speaking BIG things,it is when we start understanding small things

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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    Once again a big thanks to all for an entertaining night, a big cheers to netmaker for those delicious prawns and to 20ran for the top effort on the bbq for dinner and the early morning starters.

    The weather turned out awsome, big lazy swells with 5 -10kn on top made for comfortable fishing conditions, well thats what i thought any way but the radio chatter told a different story with several of you guys churning burly , shame shame lol, poor buggers. for a moment there i thought davo slipped on a skirt and joined the green brigade, but he assures me it was the beer from the night before .

    The fishing was very slow for us, hopping from one show to another we just couldnt get a run of fish coming over the side. On the way back we diverted to the twelve mile for a chance at a trophy fish, after a bit I had line screaming off my reel picked it up and started the battle, not more than thirty seconds into it she's gonsky, wind up my rig to find out it had snapped at the knot . mental note for self, dont sit around drinking beer with the fellas the night before making rigs to catch big fish.

    Ive been hearing alot lately about this bait verses plastic bizzo, let there be some light shed on this topic. Even though we didnt catch many fish and the end count only being 6 BAIT TO 1 PLASTIC i think the results speak for them self. (bait set) zzzz zzzz zzzzzzzzz.

    Also thanks to MM out moreton way in relaying a message to us from just cause, couldnt make out all of what was being relayed due to broken transmition but we worked it out phoned bret and all was ok. brett fix that VHF mate. (container ship what container ship)

    no big fish photos but a splash of colour anyway.

    cheers jp
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    Re: Barwon Banks M & G April 21st

    hey jp worked out the problem (next time i will lock the cowling down ) flooded the bottom 2 plugs . i need to look at fish books ) or probly read the writing . i john wested about 5 of those blue and yellow things you have in your esky . all about 40 cm .
    new vhf will be in on this weekend .
    no new cracks either . and i still don't think i ran into anyone

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