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    Big W

    Hi all,
    Thinking of taking the young fella to Wivenhoe on sat. Never fished it before, any tips would be great. Taking the canoe / electric, mainly afyer Bass, assuming it holds Redclaw so i'll take a few pots. Whats the reg if I take the boat? Can the motor stay on the transom?
    Cheers BradĽ

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    A Stocked Impoundment Permit is required to fish in the dam.[10] Swimming is permitted and camp sites have been established. Electric and non-powered boating with a permit is allowed, but domestic animals are banned.[11]

    Googled this and pasted it. might pay to have a look on the internet .

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    Re: Big W

    Just make sure the dams opened before you travel out, will be a lot of in flow coming from somerset way. Good luck

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    Re: Big W

    You need to use an electric (or paddle0 but your main outboard can still sit on the back, just don't use it. And like Hally said check if it's open as SEQWater may close it later this week.

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    Re: Big W

    You need a boating permit from SEQW as well. You can get a weekly permit from Fernvale Visitors/Convention Centre.
    I am not sure what the charge is for a weekly, from memory about $15 for the weekly.


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