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    Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    Hi all,

    Please state the following im in desperate need to get a jewie of the beach. I think it is time to get serious first step a new outfit. Yeah Buddy

    Rod used (kilo/Length/Brand) (something F^& Big for poddys to 20cm star sinker in various sizes)

    Line (i would prefer mono, as if i was to use a running sinker it would suit it better)

    Reel (Spin)

    Cheers FW

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    mate keep it simple, running ball 20kg leader and 8 to 10 kg main line, mono not braid but the hook is the main thing. go for a live bait hook or big salt water fly hook and a stinger ofhalf the size. mate you live on sunny coast and this is the best spot to which to catch a jew. live poddy mullet 4 to 7 inches long, yellow tail pike, or sand worms best bait. areas to which to try on coast are moffet beach close to dickie beach rocks just below large spanish house, wurtulla beach near coffee rocks, kawana beach at the shop ramp, maroochydore north shore from river to surf air any good gutter, marcola near the rocks coolum end and stumers creek at coolum. any of these spots you will catch jewies, watch for the reports in paper and keep an eye out for the mullet in shops, once the mullet arrive the jewies will be there, give me a email any time mate an good luck.


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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    Find the mullet on the beach and you will find the supa says. My lat big jew off the beach was caught using a 7ft 15-24kg live fibre and TLD20 with 15kg mono. 2 10/0's and a mullet about a foot long.

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    depends how much you want to spend.........prolly a Spheros 14000FB with 10kg Platypus platinum on either a Wilson FSU5120 or MT8144, Gary Howard Surf Classic Heavy or Live Fibre RLF 13 foot 8-15kg, casting big loads needs a strong rod and some of these take serious technique and or strength to utilise to their full potential. I'd use a 7-8 metre 30-40lb casting leader, and 60-100lb trace, the 100lb if big greenbacks are hitting the mullet. Pair of gama 10/0s or a set-up like supa describes. Tailor are also great bait and you can fish with a way lighter set-up if you use beachworms, one of our best jew-men fishes worms almost exclusively and uses a 10' Loomis and a Spheros 8000 running 50lb braid, his best fish this year is 29kg........the shorter the rod the less hurt a big fish will put on you!
    Personally I always reckon big bait = big fish wherever you are fishing, and not too many large jew will pass up a large mess of king worms, a large mess of worms is a lot lighter to cast than a whole mullet, tailor, large slab, whole squid etc so you can cast effectively with a lighter set-up.
    Remember that jew are not necessarily feeding half-way to the horizon, they will come right up on a spit on a spring high on a dark night.
    Cheers and enjoy.

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    Would this be ok.

    12'0 | 3.60m | 10-20kg | 20-40lbs | 85-225gm Cast Weight

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    I'd have to see one first before I commented on, let alone bought this rod.
    Personally it is not a gamble I would take 'sight unseen' off Ebay, to much $ to lose if it's crap IMO.

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    Just take a look in any tackle store for any of the wilson branded 6144-8144 in spin configuration. You're looking at about $150 MAX but can get them on special as low as $60 or $70. Whack a baitrunner or Spheros loaded with 15kg mono with a leader to 60lb on it and you're ready for anything.
    The best bit about all this is none of it has to be fancy or finesse. This is serious gear, that will pull up any jew you come across. You've already got a pretty compiled list of baits and rigs from other threads so won't go into that.
    Have you been putting in some solid hours since you started these threads? How've you gone so far? Any bycatch?

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    step 1:go fishing ALOT......
    step 2:catch more fish....

    do not post a million thread inbetween step 1 and step 2........experiance is the only way to catch more fish...maybe you will have it down pat by the time your 60 or so ..8P

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    have only been fishing a couple of times. About 6hours max. The only reason why enjoy posting threads is because i am board and when the opportunity arrises i would like to be prepered. I posted a thread about a new outfit because i got a job. The outfit sounds amazing. Finally the answer i have been weighting for. Cheers. I want to go fishing sooooo baaaaddddd!!!! but no body will take me nor want to spend the money to get themselves setup. I want to fish of the beach that bad that im willing to sell my bass boat and all my rods. Whats the point if nobody will take you??? I think im going to have to start catching a bus. Another problem is my friends are all tight asses and are not willing to get setup because of the costs.

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    To be honest mate I think it comes down to sheer luck rather than what tackle you use. I took my dad out last year in the Logan River, dropped some crab pots and anchored up to fish not far from the cable ski boat ramp, where there is a trawler anchored on the right hand side heading towards the mouth, it was blowing about 20 knots and drizzling rain which is why I stayed within the confines of the river. I wasn't targeting anything in particular just taking the old man out for a fish like he did so many times for me growing up in Cairns. We caught numerous catfish and a decent bull shark when not long after something grabbed the bait on the oldest bit of gear I had on the boat. Growing up in Cairns I've caught some pretty big barra and jacks but what I'd hooked up felt massive. I passed the rod in and out of the bimini tie downs and underneath the anchor rope and the fish eventually surfaced about 6 or 7 meters off the back of the boat, turned out to be a 78cm Jew. The rod and reel I caught it on was given to me from my olds on my 8th birthday (I'm now 34) the reel is an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Ultra Mag I the bait I was using was a dirty old frozen prawn from the local servo. Those who target this species in particular no doubt have a lot of success by using specific gear and bait but it just goes to show you don't need big dollar gear to catch one of these prized fish.

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    mate you didnt miss much this weekend...i went out 5am ...was out getting some livies and a wall of rain came in over pinni...flat out back to the ramp and it hasnt stopped since...
    ive always caught more jew in the river then the given up on the river?

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    The river is the only place that i can target them. I would give it up though to fish of the beach. Somehow 4hours straight standing in the cold, rugged up with a hot cup of teas gives me excitement. No snags either and a larger chance of a cool bycatch.

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    You will have to go into the shop and check out the rods, Wilson and Snyder glass make some decent ones for the price.

    Just keep looking, don't rush in and buy something straight away.


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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    Being keen is what it's all about young fella. Keep up the good work!
    IMHO don't be selling your bass boat yet though.
    Hopefully you will find a mentor in your area to give you some clues and experience.
    Keep saving your $, it will be worth the wait when you get some good gear that you will love using.

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    Re: Too All Keen Mulloway Anglers

    The hunt has begun. 5 hours last night a yaroomba no luck but will continue to try. Got my new rod yesterday before the 9:00 high tide and it cast size 9ball with mullet fillet a really far distance. Light enough for me to hold onto and the low mount makes it more comfortable. fitted with 6.5" alvey and 12kg mono. Its really nice. I will post the link and heres is a photo. It is a 8144

    Here is the link:

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