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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    I think the picture is a bad example, I mean if the driver drives like a rouge in a hurry to get some place then its very dangerous setup.
    Though if they drive normally at lower speed then its fine.

    With the amount of bad driving on the arterial s these days, who can say what is safe for a driver that thinks and for a driver that has no idea?

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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    I voted no
    you see cars towing boats up the highway now with boat swaying all over the road that would be like a snake twitching side to side and easy to lose control of the tow vehicle just my view

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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    Actually, thinking about this issue of the trailers fishtailing. I would think it would be less of an issue because, the middle trailer can't get slack in order to start fishtailing with the trailer behind, and the tail trailer if it does get some action happening would be much dampened by the middle trailer before it gets transferred to the tow vehicle.
    The middle trailer would also need a axle shift rearwards to get the towball weight on the vehicle correct, the rear trailer's ball weight would quickly change the middle trailers tow ball weight on the tow vehicle.

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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    Errr......No thanks.

    Seen way too many people struggle with the one trailer they have got now, let alone allowing two.

    Next thing, there would be little boats getting towed behind caravans! Imagine that when heading up North.


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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    Quite safe if set up right, but not with a conventional trailer in the middle (not with centre axles).

    It is common in the US to see triple towing, but it is with a 5th wheeler trailer in the middle (rear axles).

    Some info here:



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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    I see no problem with it provided sensible weight and length rules are stuck to. As for the reversing issue i do it all day everyday in a truck and dog with two turning points no troubles but why on earth would you have to with this set up wouldnt you have set up camp with the first tralier left the wife there hooked the boat up and dissapeared fishing!!!!!. As for the fishtaling try a road train between goondiwindi and st george for a laugh then you will know about fishtaling

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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    I guess to be fair, that sort of setup would be towed along the road only, when you got to your destination, the boat would be unhooked, the camper setup and the boat then connected to the car to be used as usual (I think) however, reversing would be a bitch, with both trailers having a short wheelbase (we have all reversed a box trailer right?) but a long trailer (like a B double) would be far easier to reverse (but still requiring a fair amount of skill) now whether this should be legal, I say a definite maybe! providing the car is suitable, the second trailer is a dual axle setup and the last trailer is also compliant with some sort of transport regulations, then I guess why now, to tow two trailer (say) around a corner is the same ( and maybe even better) than one long trailer. Will it ever happen here in NSW??? not for a long time I would think, with our backward thinking Government, you almost need a license/permit to fart, in QLD?? might need a QLDer to answer that bit, but, perhaps, is my thought.

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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    OK so the first pic was taken in OZ somewhere, hows this guy getting away with it...

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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    Life is full of risks. I think we need to accept that and get on with living rather than worrying about contravening the law all the time like we do now in these politically correct days. Letís get back to the free and easy days of the late 60's and 70's.


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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    Quote Originally Posted by wayno60 View Post
    OK so the first pic was taken in OZ somewhere, hows this guy getting away with it...
    It was in Qld and pic taken last year ( maybe 2010 ).

    the reason he gets away with it............ hasn't been caught.

    Like most things, it's only illegal, if ya caught !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    OH.............. I just presumed it was a bloke ( he ).

    Could be a woman of great beauty, low clevage and fluttering eyelashes


    ps... that would explain, never been caught aspect...
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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    Phill, what have you done?????

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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    $166 is a pretty cheap fine if you only get caught once in every ten trips or so.

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    Re: Should this be legal ?

    Yes I agree that it would be good to see legal, but it would need to have some restrictions, especially good braking system... like most people has already posted on here.
    Cheers, Doug.
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