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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    G'day Summy...thers heaps a lures that'll catch yellas and cod. The biggest problem I had when I started looking was the point you just made.

    "Im not sure you can get them any more".

    The reason I like boomerangs and Poltergiest lures, is that you can walk into just about any tackle shop and buy one at a reasonable price and know they will work.

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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    Thats right Stonecold. They are both great lures and work well. I have moved to Hervey Bay so I dont get to use all the lures I bought for chasing natives. However I have picked up some nice reefies including trout trolling boomerangs over the shallow reefs.

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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    Quote Originally Posted by Summy12 View Post
    I have a beautiful green and yellow mudeye lure from Inverell NSW and the Yellas love it. Not sure if you can still get the Mudeyes but great lures for natives
    Summy12.... Fletty who owns Mudeye lures is still in full production. He has moved location but still flat out crafting timber lures. Do a google search and you will find his details.


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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    Thanks Scott that's great. I knew Jamie's father when I worked out at Copeton Dam. He used to make a great little cod lure called "The Old Man". Jamie makes a very good lure. Highly recommend them.

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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    I think dennis caught his fair share of cod as well.nice bloke. i used to see him at copeton on the odd visit over there. Is jamie still in Inverell?

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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    Dennis pulled some monters out of the river around Inverell. Plenty of them pretty close to town if I remember correctly. Excellent fisherman. Always happy to give abit of advice as well.

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    Love the Jackalls for Windamere yellas, also squidgies where unreal, just the little squidgy fish natural colour, would often out perform the jackal. 65mm or so...?

    Yalta Craft 555HC, "BIMINI TWIST", home port Gladstone
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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    Ah I've caught hundreds of Hellas (no boast) on my own version of the old Celta spinners . I was living at Chinchilla at the time and you couldn't buy celtas at the time as shops stopped stocking them , so I set about crafting my own , and wow what success I had.

    I will try and find one and post a pic.
    One more thing. I can't understand why the new spinnerbaits are such complicated contraptions . Wow what a mess if you get it snagged!
    Any decent single shaft spinner will catch as many.
    "let not he boast who puts his armor on, as he who takes it off"

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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    Well I stand corrected...the yellow and black dam buster outfished the yellow and black boomerang for yellas this past weekend....(only counting yellas landed), it was on par for fish hooked though. It did not however, outfish the yellow boomerang for cod.....hmm just looking for the buttom where I can tag Rabbi in this post,,, not to worry im sure he'll find it

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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    I did. Good ole yellas.
    I have found an interesting way to pull the trebles out of a big cod though.
    Hook up a Snatchem strap to the offending kayaker and paddle like hell

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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    Frikken necks still sore from whiplash!

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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    Have a look at gidgee lures website, or if you are quick I might have one or two "La Petite Morts" not spoken for from the next batch.

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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    Example of a Jackal caught Windamere yella,
    and yes this was taken QUITE a few years ago, I can now proudly state I can grow a killer SEEDY mo!

    (sorry I cant help but post shameless self promotional photos!)

    Yalta Craft 555HC, "BIMINI TWIST", home port Gladstone
    Member of the Yalta Craft Appreciation Society

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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    Don't ever underestimate a red mann's 15+

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    Re: Best lure for Yellow Belly

    I just ordered a few of those CELTA style lures from the USA in various sizes.

    They're under the 'spinnerbait' range there and aren't the larger, bulky spinner bait contraptions that we know here. They are a smaller, more compact celta style.

    I met a bloke at Mitchell the other day (now that the river is down) and he had a couple of rods set up wth "purple" lures.

    One was a boomerang shaped 'crawdad' looking lure and the other one was a chunky purple spinner bait. 'Ole mate says he catches yellas on both of 'em.
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