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    Fed Up With Flyfishermen Getting All The Fish Now its My Turn Help Please

    ok so probably not the best title but nevertheless, I spent 2 days at Thomsons Creek Dam near Lithgow and I only had one touch one Hook up and one landed fish Granted it was a cracker i was nicked in the Head that the Flyfisherman near me had a hook up rate of 7 to 1, and then with my time at the Turon river (ok it was my PB Brown trout.........and only Brown trout) I was still out fished by the fly, so I have come to the conclusion I must learn to fly fish to take advantage of rising trout on a summer morning and as I have just learnt today Murray Cod will take a Fly.

    Now the hard part where the F*^% do I begin What Rod, What Reel, What Line I live in Manilla 35Mins from Tamworth, and have no F*&^ing idea where to begin, by the way i fish for fun not for food these two got to swim away, the band on the rod where the rainbow comes to is 44cm and the brown well lets just say well done for getting it on a no3 Celta


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    Re: Fed Up With Flyfishermen Getting All The Fish Now its My Turn Help Please

    I'd start of with a 5-6wt rod, most probably leans towards a 6wt. Since you live in Manilla you have some top Carp water to learn on, these take some stopping on a 5wt. I'd get either Scientific Angler gpx floater or Rio's Grande line, both come with loops factory fitted for easy leader changes. You should then get a intermediate sink tip flyline for your lake Trout fishing. Tapered leaders for Trout would vary from 5-8 lb and 8-10lb tippet strength for Carp. Learning to cast takes a bit to master, but after your first fish you'll be hooked. If your over towards the Ashford area, I could give you some lessons.
    Regards Nick

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