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    wtb: longer SOT yak.

    So I've got a 15ft Rosco Canadian and paddle a TK1 as well. I'm on the prowl for a half decent fishing yak that could be pressed into touring/training duties as well. I've seen a scupper pro that looks all right, and the second hand price under $1k is appealing.

    Anyone got any ideas, or know where a longer boat is gathering dust that would look better as cash?

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    Re: wtb: longer SOT yak.

    The tackle shop at Carseldine has a couple of sot just on $1k.

    Might be worth a look if not too far for you.

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    Re: wtb: longer SOT yak.

    Regularly see cheap yaks second hand on Ebay. Mate bought a Perception Swing kayak about a month ago locally off ebay for $435 pickup. Worth keeping an eye on.

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    Re: wtb: longer SOT yak.

    If you like the looks of the Scupper Pro, have a think about an RTM Tempo. It is the exact same mold as the scupper pro with a few cosmetic changes (no transducer scupper or Scotty threads). I picked mine up brand new from Anaconda on sale for $700. It really is a nice blend between a paddle yak and fishing yak.
    Keep an eye out on Ebay, as well as the AKFF and KFDU forums. Always a few bargains there.

    Good luck.
    Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra

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    Re: wtb: longer SOT yak.

    That I did not know, thankyou I'll have a look.

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    Re: wtb: longer SOT yak.

    If you want one for training as well as for fishing, have a look at the Stealth Evolution range.

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    Re: wtb: longer SOT yak.

    Made an offer on a scupper pro last light...... I wanna go paddling in the storms!!

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    Re: wtb: longer SOT yak.

    Seems to be a flush of late of Stealth supalites and BFS's for sale on evilbay.

    Saw a nice Evolution 495 for sale somewhere yesterday too for around $1300.

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    Re: wtb: longer SOT yak.

    Triple the price, and I'd guess about twice as nice. They are pretty looking boats. After many years of wrecking equipment from 4wding into places and sliding down banks etc., I've decided a second hand plastic yak is the best I deserve.
    That didn't stop me from getting a decent dose of stealth envy though. I'd spend $$ on one of those before I bought a Hobie that's for sure.

    If you remember where you saw a 495 for $1300 I'd like to have a squiz though - you never know...

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    Re: wtb: longer SOT yak.

    A yellow scupper pro now resides under the house....... now where to go first........

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