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    Mounting a electric motor

    Hey peeps, was just wondering wether its possible to mount a eleco motor to me kayak? And if possible any help on how u do it please, thanks for any info recieved

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    Re: Mounting a electric motor

    What sort of yak? I have one on my viking 2, but it is set up for one.


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    Re: Mounting a electric motor


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    Re: Mounting a electric motor

    Since this kayak doesn't seems to have provisions for a rudder system, you might find it difficult to install an electric motor.

    You could try building a motor bracket that slots in to the rod holders or scupper holes behind the seat.
    Again, the weight of the motor sitting on the side of the yak may affect it's stability and tracking.
    A lot would depend an what size motor you want to fit. The lighter motors (Endura 30) may not affect the stability too much.

    You might consider a bowmount but then, will the extra weight at the front then make it nose heavy.

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    Re: Mounting a electric motor

    yea i have got a watersnake24, it dont weigh much at all, wht bout batterys, ive got a 105amp but is fairly heavy. Me mate told me to buy sum motor bike batterys, not quite sure if they would work.

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    Re: Mounting a electric motor

    Battery size depends how long you plan to be on the water but I wouldn't think you need the 105amp, could try something 1/2 the size.

    Don't know about using motor cycle battery as they're probably designed for starting rather than powering equipment.

    Rather than a single 12 volt, you could look at 2 6volts joined in series.

    Ultimately the battery size would depend on the load capacity of your yak!!

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