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Thread: good Snapper

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    good Snapper

    have a lok at the Snapper my son speared yesterday.
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    Re: good Snapper

    Great fish Noel. They are extremely hard to spear.

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    Re: good Snapper

    Absolte stud! There's a trophy fish right there mate, with a bloody good shot as well. Not sure about the hair cut though.

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    Re: good Snapper

    aarr, yeah, the haircut was the end result of a bet! but at least it will grow back soon (I hope) fish was just on 10Kg cleaned.

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    Re: good Snapper

    Top effort.

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    Re: good Snapper

    another good fish, a 20Kg Kingfish from few months ago
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    Re: good Snapper

    beaut fish. i hope he lost the bet......
    fishing's as simple as 3 P's - patience, perserverance and PLASTIC!

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    Re: good Snapper

    Thats great spearing Noel. Did you do any yourself? Great place for spearing the south coast, clear water and no crocs.

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    Re: good Snapper

    yep, used to do a lot of spearing, now I only tend to go when it is really good conditions, but I dont need to go much now, my son keeps me in Lobsters and Fish. No crocs here to worry about down here, but the sharks can get a bit cranky at times!

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    Re: good Snapper

    Thats pretty much a lifetime fish right there noelm.
    Did real well to get that beast, awesome effort!
    Way better than any kingy, for mine!

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