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    Spearo dies on Cape York

    Not good news for the bloke or his family but looks like he was grabbed by either a shark or a croc about 5 kms off the coast whilst spearing. I only heard about it at work last night but no doubt there will be some media report in the next day or so.

    I know that it is allways in the back of my mind up here, but not want I want to hear before I head off to the east coast for 3 days spearing.

    Croc's and Stingers are allways on my mind when spearing the inshore islands and headlands up here. I reackon I might stick to the outer reef this weekend where the chances of running into a lizard are greatly reduced.

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    Re: Spearo dies on Cape York

    Sad to hear.

    Do shark shields work with crocs - has anyone done the research?

    You won't find me in the water on the coast in the far north and local knowledge is a must have.

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    Re: Spearo dies on Cape York

    Very sad stuff for sure.
    Take care up there nickstock.

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    Re: Spearo dies on Cape York

    Wouldnt think so Cormerant. Shark shields use electrical currents to aggitate the highly sensitive electro receptors sharks have to detect prey. Crocs dont have these so wouldnt think they would do any good.

    One of the local fellas came across about a 4m croc lazing on the beach just inside the Cape here in Townsville last weekend. Pretty popular spot to stop of for a quick dip and just around the corner is a popular spearing spot. If your in northern waters there is always the chance I suppose but anyone going in the ocean takes a calculated risk. Certainly a real shame when someone strikes it unlucky though like this poor bugger.

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    Re: Spearo dies on Cape York

    So a croc may well be in the open ocean up there? To heck with that!

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    Re: Spearo dies on Cape York

    Yep, but not common. I have seen a croc over 16 nm from the coast off Cooktown

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