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    Esky handles

    Bought a new little esky to keep the drinks cold. Has a strap but no handles on the side. Just wondering whether anyone has an old esky they're going to throw out that has those thick plastic handles on the side?
    PM me if you can, I can maybe swap something with you; some sp's or something.
    regards jim

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    Re: Esky handles

    Jim, you will have to drill holes to through bolt the handles so it will be cheaper & just as effective to run some 6 or 8mm rope through some garden hose then knot the ropes on the inside of the esky. The hose is easy on the hands too.
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    Re: Esky handles

    Good call Peter.

    I done exactly this on a 150ltr fibreglass esky and works a treat.

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    Re: Esky handles

    BCF and others stock parts for evakool. The handle kits come with fixings.

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    Re: Esky handles

    Thanks fellas...GBC i looked at the handles and they were upwards of 30 clams or so, which seemed a little high so I might go the hose and rope... although that would interfere with the capacity of the esky and may reduce the insulation a little...
    or I could leave it as it is...

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    Re: Esky handles

    When you are next up the coast, just go to evacool's factory. They have them and they are a lot cheaper than $30.

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    Re: Esky handles

    There is a little more info. You run the cords through SS washers on the inside of the esky. The hole in the washer needs to be just big enough for the cord. Figure of 8 knot with a dab of superglue & a dab of sealastic on the holes to finish the job. Pull the cords tight & wait for the sealastic to cure.
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    Re: Esky handles

    Quote Originally Posted by ShaneC View Post
    When you are next up the coast, just go to evacool's factory. They have them and they are a lot cheaper than $30.
    From memory last time I paid something like $13 for a set of 2 but that was a few years back. Alternatively the camping stores will supply them for you but once again what are you going to screw them in to. It is possible to over drill the holes and maybe push heaps of builders bog or something similar into the holes but I would never trust such a job. A lot of cheap eskys just rely on a rivet into the plastic buto nce again how strong would they be. Maybe just rely on what ou already have.

    BTW evakool do have a yearly sale of seconds which can sometimes realize a greta buy. Usaed to be close to Christmas but last year it was around the end of the financial year.

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