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    fishing rack wanted

    I have just bought a 2006 Yamaha FXHO and am wanting to put a fishing rack on it. I like the look of the MMS ones but cant really afford $800, does anyone have a second hand one they are not using anymore,
    cheers Steve.

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    Ring Damien at mms direct

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    I do like the MMS ones but after just buying the ski I cant afford $800, I missed out on one recently for $500.

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    Make your own PVC one like in this thread - and you can build and customize to your needs.

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    jeez mate that just did my head in, that looks pretty complex. I commend you on designing and making it, well done.

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    Ha ha I didn't make it.. Just sharing what can be done. But plenty of people are now doing them now due to the cost of the stainless jobs and PVC is cheap and easy to work with. I have seen some with just a plank of wood with some rubber feet to put it in the right spot ratchet strapped down on the back with a cheap esky screwed to it and some pvc rod holders screwed on the side (cheap/works/easy).
    One like this would be easy to make - DSC_0018.jpg

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    yeah that one looks good too, i'm suprised no one is making and selling the pvc ones yet, might be a market for them if they did.

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    Heres a nice picture of a fish n rack!

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    do you reckon she could hold the esky and rods too, if so I'll have one thanks

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    Who cares if she can hold esky or fish rods, I just want one.

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    yeah but at least that way I could show the wife that she is needed and not just wanted

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    Nah. She is just wanted. But I can see where u r coming from.
    Back to fishing, hopefully will get out in morn. Shitty day today.
    Put some pot out today, will check in morning.

    In tinnie today, ski tomorrow

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    I have one of the MMS esky racks, it's not that great and definitely not worth $800.

    build one of the PVC job's as posted above

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    Where do u go fishing on the ski?

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    Re: fishing rack wanted

    I had this one made up for me out of alloy for a kawasaki for $200 by a pool fence welder.Attachment 74370
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