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    Hi all,

    Thinking of spinning in the Brissy river for a Bass this weekend. I have sip for dams, a QLD marine licence and a NSW fishing licence (recently moved) but do I need any QLD fishing licence for the rivers?

    Cheers Brad.

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    Re: Licencing

    Mate there is no fishing licence needed for the brissy river only in the stocked impoundments, Like somerset etc

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    Re: Licencing

    Not yet Brad, but give them time & i am sure we will have to have a liscence, which might or might not be a god thing depending on how it will be managed.
    Where abouts are you hoping to try & are you fishng from a canoe or land based?
    Plenty of good fish in the river at the moment, just have to be aware of some closed areas, such as directly below Mt Crosby weir & also upstream from the weir to Colleges Crossing.

    Cheers Andrew

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    Re: Licencing

    Thanks guys,

    Was thinking of putting the canoe in at Kholo bridge and spinning the long hole above. Not fished up here yet so bit of 'suck it n see', any other sudgestions?
    cheers Brad

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