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    Bargara and surrounds worth it?

    Hey guys,

    I've been toying with the diea of buying myself a hand spear and doing a bit of hunting around bargara and elliot heads. Is this a worthwhile venture and would anyone be keen either come with or show me a few bits and pieces? Have the snorkelling gear just need to get a spear.

    Thoughts on what I'm likely to encounter? Just going from places like hoffman's rocks or around the front of elliot heads.

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    Re: Bargara and surrounds worth it?

    Jump in and have a scope out of the area first. Check out where you think the fish are residing and what the currents feel like. Its not hard getting the hang of a handspear, there isn't much of a technique to it except for really extending your arm out before releasing to get maximum distance.
    Be sure not to be abrupt in your movements when around fish and you'll find their curiosity will get the better of you. If you spy a fish you want to spear don't look it direct in the eyes and if you can try and swim across its line of travel so as not to scare it to much.
    good luck!

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    Re: Bargara and surrounds worth it?

    Just be aware of the green zones at Bargara

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    Re: Bargara and surrounds worth it?

    Thanks, Hopefully I'll go for a look around Hoofman's rocks on friday arvo if the weather holds up. Yeh All the green zones can be a bit annoying but it's only a yellow zone around where I was looking so no probs with that. Mostly hoping no sea snakes as i've heard they can be around that area.

    Thanks for the tips Mattooty! Luckily the time spent at Heron on the honeymmon while scooba'ing around the place has gotten me nicely adjusted to chasing after fish without spooking them too much.

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    Re: Bargara and surrounds worth it?

    That's the hardest hurdle! I've been able to almost pat monster flatties and big blackfish while snorkelling but the moment I had a spear with me my facial expression must of been different because those same fish I'd been snorkelling with not half an hour before were very flighty and on edge.
    Good luck. Let us all know how you go. Even if its zippo, there's alot of constructive advice out there just waiting to be given.

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    Re: Bargara and surrounds worth it?

    Well you wanted to know how I went, and all I cn say was that i 'almost' hit a decent sized bream... Not even the happy moment i used for target practise were in too much danger. Was a pretty rocking and rolling kind of day with poor visability tho. I did manage a shot at when looked like a pretty big drummer, could have been a sweep tho. And i missed a few spanish flag. Hit a lot of rocks too... *pained expression*

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