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    DBD or Arneson drive anyone had one?

    Im currently finding another Trim Cylinder for my TRS drive they are about $900 so i have looked at the Arneson 1721 drop box and the DBD drive does any one have any first hand experience with them?
    just some Pros&cons and also how will they fit to my velvet drive will it bolt strait up ???

    Alternativly can i run another type of cylinder that dosent cost the earth. My view is if im going to pay $900 for a cylinder i may as well sell the TRS and buy the Arneson 1721 drop box for $2500 and enjoy the extra speed and fuel savings.

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    Re: DBD or Arneson drive anyone had one?


    Itís been a while since your quest for Arneson
    Did you fit the Arneson ?

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