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    First Timer

    Hi guys,
    Considering buying my first outfit. Would mainly be using it for targeting bream, and bass.
    What sort of advice could you give me on the setup?
    Would you recommend surface, intermediate or sinking line? and a 4/5 wt or 5/6 wt set up etc?
    Preferably something thats not going to cost me an arm and a leg also


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    Re: First Timer

    Hi there jackash id go for a 6wt or even a 7wt ,wildfish or a Templefolk Bvk around $200-$300 and thats cheap, its not that you might need such a heavy rod for this job its the wind you might a heavyer wt rod for to beat the wind , wind is the devil for a fly fisher, the lighter rods are great to fish when things are calm but its not always the case and since this is your first rod you dont wont to be disappointed when things arent going your way wind wise and for a line i would suggest a scientific angler intermediate clear bonefish taper about$120 or get one from ebay cheaper this line has a longer belly and will help you load the the rod better at short distances as well as long distance great for bream and flathead and bass in the shallows ,to chase bass deep in the dams you will need a sink line for that same brand but a striper sink line and a reel can be a cheapy with some 30lb dacron ,you said you dont want to pay an arm and a leg well this sport dose even to get in at entry level you can buy a cheap combo and the lines are crap and the rods are a peice of spaggetti and you will give up or buy something better, i dont no were you live so i will give you 3 places to call or call in and see them north coast tienfly - and south brissy tacklewarehoues and redlands way theres fishead tackel shop if no won ealse responds just pm me if you have any more questions cheers Chris.

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