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    Morten Island Fuel

    Im wondering iff fuel is still available at Bulwer ?? iff not does anybody know wher i could get fuel at morten.??

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    Re: Morten Island Fuel

    I believe you can get 20 litre drums of unleaded from the Bulwer shop.

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    Re: Morten Island Fuel

    Thanks Mate

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    Yep as much fuel as u like in 20 liter drums n probably around $2.50 per liter.
    i want a bigger boat

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    Re: Morten Island Fuel

    Thanks charlie , so i send the missus up with our own drums?? (id like to see her carry 3 at a time so i can get back out on the fish with limited disruption )

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    Re: Morten Island Fuel

    I was talking to a mate last week and he said that there is now no place on Moreton Island he can fill his 4wd up at. I asked him about Kooringal and Bulwer and he replied that both service stations had shut down. Is it you can't fill a vehicle but can fill a 20l drum or is he plainly wrong and fuel is available still?

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    Re: Morten Island Fuel

    Best bet to sort it out would be to call Bulwer store 34082202

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    Re: Morten Island Fuel

    Hawkins /micat got the fuel at bulwer knocked on the head along with the combie trader. guess who owns the servo at white Island/fishermans Island before you get on the barge ? thats right Hawkins.

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    Re: Morten Island Fuel

    When I was there it was sold by the drum in which they have filled already.I think you pay a deposit on the drum refundable on return. It was somthing to do with the EPA and no bulk fuel tanks allowed at Bulwer.

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    Re: Morten Island Fuel

    Yeah, had it confirmed last night, only allowed to buy 20 litre prefilled drums from Bulwer, at $2.80 / litre.
    Would be worth your while to cart your own fuels there these days.
    EPA would not issue approvals for bowsers or fuel tanks.

    What does it cost for the little barge that runs from Dunwich to Moreton? Looks like the tiny old alloy Combie Trader the one I saw two months ago plying the route.

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    Re: Morten Island Fuel

    its cheaper than the micat and well worth looking into. ring straddy barges.

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    Re: Morten Island Fuel

    FFS.....I love the EPA. So now what you have, particularly down the south end, is people who have 1000's of litres of fuel stored in their back yards. God forbid the is ever a fire, you will see it/hear it, from the cbd.

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    Re: Morten Island Fuel

    $2.80 for good clean fuel is still better then how it used to be. Last time I got fuel at Bulwer it was so full of water I had dramas all the way home. I needed to keep emptying the water trap every few minutes. Took me a while to work out why the motor was running so rough............. After that I never bought fuel there again. But if I ever got caught out and needed fuel, I reakon I would be happy to pay 2.80 per litre

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