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Thread: New Yellowpages/Members Business Directory

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    New Yellowpages/Members Business Directory

    Just a reminder to old members and an announcement to new members

    Have set up a new Yellowpages/Directory for Members to promote their business on.

    Go to this link

    This is to allow members to promote their business, club, non profit organisation, etc. through the forums to other members and guests.

    If there is a category that you need added so that you can add your business just let me know here or via PM.

    This system is integrated into the forums and is replacing the original directories.

    It is free for all members to add their business to and promote to all our members and guests.

    The forums are about supporting each other as a community and this is another way we can support each other, by supporting members businesses when possible.
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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    Yes I would br interested , Ian

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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    Meant to click LIKE this post. Sorry

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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    Need a listing for Locum Pharmacist

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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    Need listing for Asbestos Removal

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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    Needs Listing for Florist, guaranteed to get you more fishing time.

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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    nearest drive thru to boat ramps....

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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    Very kind and a great idea!

    The whole world's mad save thee & me (but I'm not too sure about thee)

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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    Need a listing for Boat/trailer security please

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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    need a section for "plastering" in trades and services !

    cheers Jayvee
    No love its not new...i've had that reel for ages

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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    Need a listing for Town Planning/Property Consultants in real estate and or trades and services.



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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    Hi Steve,
    Excellent idea mate.

    One word of warning, look out for the YP people to come looking for you.

    Have you checked the legality of the name?

    The aussiefrogs French Car forum had legal threats from the Trading Post people when we had a 'trding post' for car parts on our forum. It was a few years ago now but they came after 2 mates of mine, all guns blazing for us using the name.

    WTF hey, we were only a small french car nutters forum, no threat to the TP.

    Only mentioning it because they are under the same umbrella, or were for a while.

    ANyway, good luck with the new section.


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    Re: New Yellowpages Directory

    All categories have been added

    Any more?

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    Re: New Yellowpages/Members Business Directory

    Great Service Team - I have added our profile

    Thanks Scotto
    So Many Fish - So little time !

    I Proudly support the following companies: Shimano, G.Loomis, The Haines Group, Scientific Anglers, Abel Reels, Lowrance

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    Re: New Yellowpages/Members Business Directory

    thanks steve


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