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    G Loomis IMX rods

    Hey guy's, I was wondering if anyone know's of any Loomis IMX 10wt rods kicking around. I have been looking for one for quite a while, I know they haven't made them for years, but I thought there might be a couple still around.

    Cheers jules

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    Re: G Loomis IMX rods

    Hi there Jules you might still get one in the USA may be a blank or put a add in the wanted section here and have a look in the tradeing post or try ebay or if you wanted to get a blank from the mudhole the have made the MHX range to replace the gloomis IMX, ive made a few of these blanks up in spin and casting and yes there similar in look and feel to the IMX , if not someone must have one gathering dust in the cubbard somewere there not useing anymore.

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    Re: G Loomis IMX rods


    I picked up a 10' 8w (new) IMX on ebay a few years back for ver cheap price, so I would suggest you troll through there (here and o'seas). I like it and it has accounted very well for itself.


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    Re: G Loomis IMX rods

    Thanks boy's, I was of the same opinion that there would have to be a couple still around. Chris the MHX blanks how similiar are they to the IMX.


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    Re: G Loomis IMX rods

    hi there agian Jules ive fished a IMX SJ844 and have a MHX SB812 blend they are as light in feel,sencitivity,stiffness and the same sort of low down grunt amd i like the MHX better it has a better tip being a extra fast blank, the mudhole made these blanks to replace the hole the IMX left,if you do some googleing you will find some chat forums on MHX compaired to IMX ,i suppose i will ask why you want the IMX do you have a smaller weight IMX fly rod and wanting something bigger,cheers Chris.

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    Re: G Loomis IMX rods

    Chris, when it comes to my casting there is no finesse it's all brute force.I liked the stiff fast action of the IMX. I will Google the MHX rods, theysound like what I am after.
    Cheers Jules

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    Re: G Loomis IMX rods

    G'day Jules. funny you should say that - I just bought one from the states myself. It is an IMX 9wt and for AU$165 landed - a bargain although it is not a factory rod, I am confident it is an IMX (that's just a risk I was prepared to take).

    There are plenty of small fishing shops in the US that deal with second hand goods if you are prepared to buy second hand. Sing up for a PayPal accound as this is a reasonably cheap (free) safe way to send funds to others (they need an account too).

    good luck!

    Cheers, NS

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    Re: G Loomis IMX rods

    Thanks Slates, sounds like you got a cracker of a deal, I'll keep trawling the net and see what comes up.

    Thanks jules

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    Re: G Loomis IMX rods

    fishheads victoria point

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    Re: G Loomis IMX rods

    Right, well I haven't been able to track down an IMX, so I am moving onto a Scott Heli Ply. If anyone has any sitting around let me know.

    Cheers Jules

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