Mate I understand your position, I just think there are better ways to go about it than shooting rays in the shallows. Maybe shooting those guys out at the mouth of the river pulling in undersize fish into their boats, LoL. Seriously though I would be going to target mullets or something with abit more of a chance, but to me I don't believe in killing animals just for some rush of pulling a bow or to mount on a throphy. Shoot targets (moving ones) if you want to test your skill. If you kill to eat and only what you need then go for it, my problem is with those people who think it is "sporting" to plug a ray with some arrows to feel go about "bow fishing". Why not shoot the floating rubbish in our waterways and pull it back in. Killing animals, and especially those without any chance I think is more ego related and less about what the true spirit of hunting is about. Its about as sporting as shooting cows with a 303. My opinion.