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    Shipping a Spear Gun??

    I Have a Rob Allen Spear Gun and I need to ship it to Victoria, Will Aust post take it??

    What other options do I have??

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    Re: Shipping a Spear Gun??

    Pretty sure they do ... that's how adreno get their stuff to me.

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    Re: Shipping a Spear Gun??

    If it is over 1m long they probably won't do it. Let alone if you mention the word gun.

    try if they service your area ., online tracking, Cheaper , door to door or depot if you prefer and it is the internet version of Hunter couriers who are a conglomerate of small self employed blokes with the Hunter backbone. No accounts needed either so one offs are Ok.

    Like everything - pack it like it was made of glass and worth a million and you should be ok..

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    Re: Shipping a Spear Gun??

    greyhound bus service i sent my last gun a 1.4 via greyhound cheap an easy just wrap it how u want drop it to the nearest depot an get the reciver to pick up from their local depot

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    Re: Shipping a Spear Gun??

    The bus service has got expensive for one off stuff I was sending in the last few years ( it used to be real cheap as a account holder) . Bus has been very good to me with some extra overweight packages others wouldn't carry , a yacht pole and boom but the local depot is no longer so a bit inconvenient now. Anything that has a smell , food ( mmmm the mangoes) or liquid is now a no go on them now I think as they had issues with oils, fuels and contamination of luggage and other goods including those dam bus travellers complaining. Backpackers don't have rights and should be too pissed to complain about smells !

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