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Thread: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

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    Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    Hello fellow Ausfishers -
    I'm chasing comment on prop selection for a new 140 four stroke Suzuki-
    Details are :
    Boat - 6m plate Hard Top Sportfish
    Loaded boat weight - up to 1.5 tonne ish .
    Use - offshore bar work, inshore bay work, long distance 1770 work, a fair amount of slow trolling( 4 knots) .
    Aim: good fuel consumption , reasonable top end speed ( 33 odd knots is good for me when I in a hurry ) , good hole shot performance, comfortable cruising speed for the boat is about 24knots
    Max RPM of motor is 6200rpm - which I want to get close to.
    My thoughts are 3 blade - 14 x 20 inch. am I in the ball park to achieve 6200rpm or am I dreaming?
    Please comment on 3 and 4 blade experiences.
    Keep Ya Tip UP

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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    Nice ship.


    Is the motor revving out to 6200 at the moment?
    is the motor set to the right height?
    are you planning on buying over seas?

    and the gurus will be here shortly.

    Cheers, Stu

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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    hi BM, ive got a 2011 df140 on a 5.5m glass boat weighing 1150kgs + people and gear. currently spinning a 14x19p suzi alloy prop out to the limiter at 6400rpm. am trying a 21p this weekend (if the weather clears) to see if i can knock it back to 6200.
    top speed is 69kmh at the mo and holeshot is awesome. id say you are on the money with a 14 x 20. whereabouts are you located?

    cheers ryan

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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice


    Props that I tested on a Yalta 555hc, Glass, 6.0 LOA boat.

    4000 33.3
    WOT 59
    Hole shot > 5 seconds
    Suzuki 14*19 - 3 Blade Speed
    1000 5.5
    2000 10.3
    3000 15.4
    4000 33.3
    WOT -6100 59.6
    Hole shot 2.4
    Solas 13 7/8*19- 3 blade Speed
    1000 6.5
    2000 10.7
    3000 15.3
    4000 32.2
    5000 45.7
    WOT -61500 60.5
    Hole shot 2.2
    Solas 13*21 - 4 blade Speed
    2000 9.4
    3000 13
    4000 21
    WOT N/A
    Hole shot N/A
    Solas 13*19 - 4 blade -uncupped Speed
    1000 6.4
    2000 11.3
    3000 16.4
    4000 35.3 17.0 LPH
    5000 48.2
    WOT-6000 60 33.0 LPH
    Hole shot 2.2
    Solas 13 7/8 * 21
    1000 6.5
    2000 11.5
    3000 16.5
    4000 36 18.9 Lph
    5000 52
    WOT 5800 60.8 35.5 Lph
    Hole shot > 5 seconds

    This is the prop I selected in the end and works well for my boat
    its a solas overdrive.

    Solas 14 1/8 *18 - 4 blade Speed Fuel LPH
    1000 6.8 1.4
    2000 10.9 5.8
    3000 16.4 11.4
    4000 36.3 17.4
    5000 49.6 26.8
    WOT-6000 63.5 40.1
    Hole shot 2


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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    Thanks fellows- Stue2 - have not fitted it yet and purchasing it locally in Brisbane.Currently running a 130 2 stroke yammie.
    Holy Crap Honda - thanks for the data - you've been through the ringer mate .Some interesting data there!
    Hope the Solas 4 blade works out ok for you. I'm in the same situation going from a yammie 2 stroke 130 hp. Looks like you should get better cruising fuel consumption alas at the cost of a small amout of cruising speed but ha how often can u do much more than 20 knots in open ocean comfortably in a 6 m boat anyway.Looks to be a wise choice.
    I know its a silly question( and I did not read all your posts to the letter) I persume you went from Long shaft yammie to Long Shaft Suzi or ExLong Yammie to Ex Long Suzi. not Long Shaft Yammie to Ex Long Suzi ??I've also noticed thats there's a 1/3 of an inch different in the lenght specs on the long shafts between the two brands of motors. Suzzi's a touch shorter in lenght.I'll be interesting to see what S/S prop the mechanic puts up to me.
    Keep Ya Tip UP

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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    I had the 140 Johnson on the Stabi originally and Steve from Solas was all over it. Really big on that motor on a pod being mounted as high at possible. I was allready on the top hole. We did have to drop a prop size with the weight I shifted around compared to when it was being used for boat licencing. Can't remember if it was down from a 21" to a 19" or from a 19" to a 17". I was prepard to pay for a 4 blader but he reckoned the standard 3 blader was the prop for me. I never could quite high 6,000rpm and only pulled about 5,800rpm but going down 2" from there was too much of a jump. There is a lot of underwater wetted surface on the stabi with the big chines of the pontoons and it was short and fat compard to your Sportfish and I think it will all come back to to the weight you push around. The 150 Yamaha did a much better job than the 140 being 600cc bigger and could plane down to 3300rpm, took the top speed from 28/29 to 34.7knots and mid range was just much better and needed much less playing with the throttle in big swells etc. Both motors had a good fast cruise at 24knots but if it was super flat and wanted to push 26-27knots I still had a lot more up the sleeve with the Yammie compard to the 140 which was near WOT.

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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    Thanks Smithy -
    Yes weight is a real issue with my Sportfish - The old 130 Yammie 2 stroke was pretty well perfect in that respect , in fact I recon it ran a touch better when I part filled the livie well down the back with 30L of water.
    This is 1 of the reasons I went with the 140 Suzzy it's 2o odd kgs heavier. I'm just hoping I can keep the hole shot and the top end speed, the rest should hopefully look after its self.
    Plenty of other reasons for going 4 stroke over the old 2 stroke I suppose - fuel consumption , noise , fumes and the ignition system on cold starts. I release its hard to have everything, but I hope it will come together at the end of the day without too much mucking around on mounting heights and props.
    Keep Ya Tip UP

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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    Hey mate,
    I've got a 5.8m sportsfish with a '06 model 140 suzuki, i'm not 100% sure on the prop size but i can ring the old man tonight and get the stats but we normally carry 200-300L of fuel, 4 blokes, a 220L esky full of ice/fish and a crap load of gear in ours and get:
    45km/hr @ 4500rpm
    50-52km/hr @ 5000rpm
    55-57km/hr @ 5500rpm
    65km/hr @ 6000rpm (was still rising but didn't want to run it at wot for more than a min)
    we've also cross threaded the bung when putting the boat in resulting in ~300L of water in the floor throughout the day and we only lost 3-4km/hr off these figures.
    Our last trip out we ran between 5000-5500rpm for the whole trip out and back with about 10km mucking around at the reef and from the 120-130km round trip used ~80L of fuel. we've just broken the 300hr mark in ours and it hasn't missed a beat.


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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    Thank Nidrac - I'd really apprieciate if you could check that prop size and if possible the gear ratio - new ones are 2.59:1 They are certainly the figures I'm hoping for . Got a feeling that Suzuki changed the gear ratio some time around then. Hoping your gonna say 13 7/8 x 19 stainless for the prop size . What's it like hot shot wise and does it have good even accelleration .
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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    The boat in the water weighs in the vicinity of 1200kg without people. Those figures were with full fuel and 2 blokes. But it changes SFA with 2 more people. 2010 suzuki 140 on 5.5m platey. 21 pitch alloy 4 blade with a
    Suzi 140 p.jpg
    little extra cupping. If you don't get that suzi as high as possible it will be sluggish.

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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    Quote Originally Posted by BeastMaster View Post
    Thank Nidrac - I'd really apprieciate if you could check that prop size and if possible the gear ratio - new ones are 2.59:1 They are certainly the figures I'm hoping for . Got a feeling that Suzuki changed the gear ratio some time around then. Hoping your gonna say 13 7/8 x 19 stainless for the prop size . What's it like hot shot wise and does it have good even accelleration .
    No worries mate, i'll see if i can track down the info when i go to the old mans place tonight. however we aren't running a stainless prop and have a decent size aluminium foil fitted to the motor (wasn't put on buy us so don't know what it was like without)
    We've never had a problem with holeshot, even when we were carrying the extra 300l of water (crossthreaded the bungs) 5 people, 200l of fuel, 120l of freashwater, 200l esky full, it still got up on the plane but did take a little extra effort to do so..


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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    Beastmaster, just checked ours and its a 14x19 aluminium.. Would be good to see how others would go though, little bit extra speed wouldnt go astray..

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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    Thanks Fellow 's
    Keep Ya Tip UP

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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    hi beastmaster i've got a modified 6mt cruise craft about the same weight as your boat with a 140 zuke that revs to 6200 i had A 3blade 20 stainless[suzuki} on her for about 18 months and decided to try a few options eventually i changed to a 4 blade 19[mercury trophy+]mid range rpm is awsome i didnt lose any rpm at wot but what i gained was better fuel economy which is hard to believe as the 140 is so economical.also now it has outstanding holeshot,the only negative with a 4 blade is that you will loose some trim but there is a few ways to correct that with either trim tabs or even wedges.beastmaster if you want to come for a quick run i work out of fishermans island boat ramp just pm me mate im happy to take you or anyone interested.this is my second 140,i have done over 4000 hours with suzuki 140's and being commercial i need good fuel economy and performance,i have played with heaps of props to get the best out of my boat.cheers

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    Re: Suzuki 140 - prop advice

    Doublexl, have you got any speed figures through the rev ranges for either or both props, as well as speed at WOT?
    I had heard previously that the genuine 3 blade 20" SS was pretty good on the 140's, they rarely come up cheaply though.


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