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    anyone ever chased bonefish?

    G'day guys.
    I'm off to the Solomon Islands early next year where they have said there are bonefish in the region. It is virtually impossible to find any info on bonefish in the solomons and I've never even considered that I'd be in a position to cast for one so am as green as grass on the matter.
    I've bought a couple of videos and 1/2 way through Dick Brown's book on the subject (great read!) and from what I've seen, they are near invisible on the flats and very hard for newcomers without a guide!

    I guess I'm just after a few first hand experiences on just how hard these fish are to catch and whether you had a guide or not.

    I don't rate myself much of a chance but I know I'll have fun doing it!

    I'll be using 9wt gear and wading for them. I've tied up a few flies and bought a few as well.

    thanks in advance, NS

    PS: and there's spot tailed bass in the estuaries!!

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    Re: anyone ever chased bonefish?

    Send me a pm mate with your questions and I'll have a go at answering them for you.

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    Re: anyone ever chased bonefish?

    you should either get in contact with tienfly gav Platz he will tell yo uwht flies to use and he takes people all the time after bone fish and nile logan is a good one to contact too

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    Re: anyone ever chased bonefish?

    Thanks culbara.

    I've seen their (Tie 'n fly) website and a few of their YouTube vids. They seem to get around all over the place.

    Cheers, NS

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