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    blooded the Xi2 10 wt

    hi all i finaly got a fish on the outfit sage Xi2 10wt and nautilous 12D,ive had this rod built since febuary and it worked ok and the reel lived up to there reputaition with drag on a 12kg longtail.IMG_0335.1.jpg

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    Re: blooded the Xi2 10 wt

    Nice work Chris. What line are you running on Xi2?


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    Re: blooded the Xi2 10 wt

    Hi apollo,i was useing the rio clouser tropical it has a clear tip, not real fond of it,it tangles a bit,ill give it a bit more of a chance before i go back to the clear striper SA,i got a free flyline with the reel so i thought id try out the rio clouser cheers Chris.

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