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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    For south wall the moment, we are fishing Nth wall Ballina, its fishing just as well as south wall and a lot easier to access...Local council has just put the ferry ride across the river up to $4.60 each way, so unless you want to drive all the way down to wardell and cross the bridge its gunna cost you nearly $10 for the round trip!!! that forced our hand at first, but the reality is Nth wall is fishing better.

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    Neh Bondy, they haven't cleared out yet. They'll still peter around on the reefs for a little bit before really clearing on. This recent full moon knocked their numbers on the head but they're still there, just wider than they have been thank christ.
    Very skimpy on the other reefs though catch wise.

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    Stonecold , thanks for the knowledge, North wall it is then.

    Not familiar with the area so I'll use my GPS navigator. Cheers.

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    I might get the chance yet to get those jackets, thanks for the update.

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    Muzz, maybe 2 weeks down the track. I know I've asked this question before and has been answered but I've lost the answer.

    Question. How much further is Ballina from Byron Bay, Distance and travel time wise if speed is 100kph?

    Cheers, Bondy

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    20 - 25 mins south

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    I had a throw at the iron peg and north ballina last week. Serious mountain goat country you boys play in!

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    Couple of brilliant holes on the beach next to Nth wall at the moment to Bondy. Had a mate fish one yesterday and said it was full of salmon....

    efc..probably seems like mountain goat terrain for those unaccustomed to the area but its like anything once you get use to knowing were to be...and where not to be, they're actually not to bad

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011


    Thanks for that info. hmmmm Salmon, yeah why not, I'll give it a go, hopefully the odd tailor might be there also.

    Send me a pm as to how far awy from the north wall.

    I don't mind goat country, good stuff providing your footing is good and no suprises.

    Cheers, bondy

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011


    You managed to get out and nailed a few?


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    Re: leatherjackets 2011


    Update, the hooks for leatherjackets have been posted (3 packets)


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