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    leatherjackets 2011

    Hi all,

    my last reliable report said that the scourge of the ocean had reached Yamba,
    but now I am told that they have arrived in force at Ballina (is only an hour up the road).

    Can anyone confirm this?

    If you dont want to catch jackets, this will make fishing pointless,
    I however have a large freezer that I want to fill with these tasty pirahnahs of the sea,

    (damn, just looked back at this post, I haven't been fishing enough lately)

    Is nearly time for the leatherjacket M&G Murf.


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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    Hi Muzz,
    Do they eat Salmon?

    Uncle Steve

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    Fished the Evans comp last week and a few conflicting reports. Some guys said they were everywhere and others said none. I fished the 36 & 42 fthm line northeast of the patch and ran into an odd bite off but no "Plague" as such! Maybe the trag ate them all?Drove thru ballina Saturday on the way home and the seafood shop there had them 2kg for $10. Didn't stop
    to look at size but probably work out cheaper that way?

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    the shits are STILL down the Illawarra and seem to be getting thicker! only good thing is there seems to be some quite big ones now, but I still hate them.

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    how far out do you get them off ballina and evans head

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    keep us informed as I am still keen for a M&G jacket weekend

    cheers Murf

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    Thanks for the replies guys,

    Do they eat Salmon?
    The mongerels eat anything that moves, but they usually dont come in close enough to solve your salmon problems U.S.
    I fished the 36 & 42 fthm line northeast of the patch and ran into an odd bite off but no "Plague" as such
    Hmmm, when they get thick it is almost impossible to find a patch of water without them,
    when the big ones are here, 2kg is 1 fish, or maybe 2 fish when cleaned...
    the biggest I have seen were more than 3kg uncleaned & around 80 cm long.
    how far out do you get them off ballina and evans head
    Usually from the 30 fathom mark out to more than 100 fathoms, and from about 40 feet under the boat all the way to the bottom.
    The best place to harvest them I have found is in the area around the FAD, directly east from the bar in about 60 mtrs, and is only 6 miles from the bar

    I really feel for you Noelm, I would hate to have the mongerels here all the time,
    they are fun to catch the first time you find them, then less so every time after that.

    Dont worry Murf, Bondy would be frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog by now (he's VERY keen to get some)
    As soon as we are sure that they are here in numbers, we will let you know.


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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    Ballina fisho on Monday "Leatherjackets 5kg for $15"
    Bugger that, you'd have to pay me $20 to take 5 kg
    Seriously though, they were thick up at 1770 in May

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    Jeez you read my mind uncle steve!!!!I hadnt read your post and I was thinking sh#t I hope they eat salmon...or vice versa

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    just talked to the big Lizard and he said he was out in the 42's and caught a couple of nice pearlies then got bitten off 1/2 way up whilst on a nice fish, also lost a few rigs before getting a couple of 1.5kg yellow jackets

    I asked about the sounder shows but he doesn't watch his sounder much, only for drop offs ect

    so they are moving in

    cheers Murf

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    Greetings all,

    Yeah cant wait to get my teeth into these jackets Hmmmm, nice solid white flesh.

    I seen the news this evening NSW Coast getting a battering from heavy winds and seas. Damn, I hope this weather does not go far as Ballina as not into big swells or seas these days.

    I had my fair share of big sea when I was halfway between Lord Howe Island and Port Stephens...was on a 72ft dropliner at the time...low dpression from the south and tail end of Cyclone converged.....Nice 10 days out there, deep purple colour water....until weather system changed. Came back to port 24 hours later, land never felt so good.

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    i wouldnt mind freezer full of these fillets....they are great on the tooth.

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    G'day Sleepygreg,

    Yep, they are very nice. I'll let you know how I go as soon as I can get out amongst jacket city.

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    Muzz and Murf,

    Should be a great session. I hope the weather will be kind and the Ballina Bar is favourable on the day.

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    Re: leatherjackets 2011

    Bondy...hate to say it mate but the seas are huge this morning wont be any fishing across the bar for a little bit

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