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Thread: Koden CVS-128

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    Koden CVS-128

    Anyone running a Koden (Sitex) CVS-128 with a 1kw tranducer?

    Looking at this or the Furuno FCV 585 with 1kw transducer.

    Problem I have is we want to repeat the sounder at the downstairs helm. Only Decent sounder I have found to do this (without going furuno Navnet $$$'s) is the CVS-128 as it has the VGA output. The Furuno FCV 585 doesn't have any VGA output options as far as I know.

    Thinking of Running the sounder beside a Standard Horizon CP-500 GPS, this also comes with the VGA output and has the compatability to run a Sitex Radar in the future.

    Sounder will be used to mark bait etc.. while fishing for billy's. Bit of bottom bashing in 50m-70m of water.

    Anyone has any thoughts on the setup please comment...

    P.S - I realise I will not be able to control the electroonics on the bridge from the lower helm .

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    Re: Koden CVS-128

    Being running with me Koden for a while now and I couldnt be happier with it. Didnt bother getting the 1kw transducer , mainly cause of the $ 1000 extra pricetag plus the deepest water I fish in is 70 metres. Got the 600w through hull airmar transducer and it has no trouble reading the bottom or finding bait schools at speed, Its also easy to use and is of very solid constuction. Best choice if you ask me lad.

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    Re: Koden CVS-128

    yes i have a koden cvs 128 with 1kw transducer. i do like it however the water temp sensor seems to bounce around a couple degrees at times (frequently). its the second transducer i have had as the first one did it also and played up with the depth to. this second transducer i have used once and seems to be better however the temperature fluctuations are annoying me alot. whether the currents are mixing and are patchy i obviously cannot tell if its a true reading or temp sensor is not very good.. am interested to hear what anyones thoughts are on these units and these transducers

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    Re: Koden CVS-128

    craig1 what type of 1kw transducer do you have?

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    Re: Koden CVS-128

    gday. its a TD-M258. theres also another number on the box its - TM258-MM. any help would be appreciated. the transducer brand is AIRMAR.

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    Re: Koden CVS-128

    there is a problem with the unit not the transducer. the unit is at coursemaster in sydney and they picked up on the problem straight away. am waiting to hear how they fix it. i believe they have to reload the software on the actual unit again.

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