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    Giant herring Sunny Coast

    Hi, I found a school of giant herring playing and smashing the surface , as well as big mullet ....
    They were just out of reach of my casting ability about 25mtrs.
    A couple of times they came withing range of a hour but no hookups...
    Good casting practice.....
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    Re: Giant herring Sunny Coast

    anyway I dropped back today with my 10lb spin gear and a spinner................
    Anyway got a few casts right into the school, and after a few got a hookup, foul hooked.....
    It ran, and jumped. And just kept taking out line on my palegic 400xpro baitcaster and 7 ft rod.
    It came to the surface and just kept going.............. and eventually the hook pulled out.....
    But I saw it and it was a mullet about 80cm and around 4kg. These are landlocked and just feed and grow.....
    I just checked the Aus record for sea mullet is 4.932 kg......
    Anyway they are breeding and not eating so fishing for them is not worth it........
    bit of a learning experience..........................

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    Re: Giant herring Sunny Coast

    Would have been a bit of a buzz though!! I'm keen to catch a big mullet one day, would be awesome.

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    Re: Giant herring Sunny Coast

    I have caught big mullet on the smallest size Rio slug's in the Noosa River. They used to come in to the Woods bay for a few months each year and the first one that I caught, I thought it must have been a fluke. I ended up catching half a dozen between two of us and all were hooked in the mouth on the slugs! That was a first for me! They were approx 600mm long and went like the clappers on 4 lb spin gear

    They ended up making very good Snapper and Trout bait out on Sunshine Reef too!

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