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Thread: basic fly gear.

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    basic fly gear.

    gday guys,

    I am in the market for a new set up ( rod, reel, line, backing, tippet ) that i could use for whiting, bream, flatties, squire and what not.

    I have been using a set up given to me years ago by an old fellow at a caravan park. i can cast it fine and catch fish however it is uncomfortable. I have little to no knowledge about fly gear.

    I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction im happy to pay $300 for a set up.

    thanks allot guys

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    Re: basic fly gear.

    Given what you are chasing and considering you already have a basic setup, I would spent your $300 on a better rod and some good line. So long as the current reel is functioning it will be fine as you will rarely get put to the reel on those species. A 6-8w rod would be fine and you are better to get a quality secondhand one that a new cheap one. I dont live far from Poona, so next time you are up at the van, give us a yell and we can meet up. I will bring my selection and you can have a swish with them to give you an idea of what you may like or not. I have several different line set ups as well.


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    Re: basic fly gear.

    Thanks mate,
    yeah ill deffinately give you a hoy when im heading up next mate

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    Re: basic fly gear.

    Hmmm, I always worry a bit about buying 2nd hand fly rods. If someone has hit the rod when casting with a fly with dumbbell eyes or a bead head then they could well have damaged the blank. This kind of damage is often invisible to the eye – the first you know about it is when the rod snaps when you hook a fish/snag. And most of the ‘lifetime’ guarantees you hear about are for the first owner only.
    My advice would be to buy a new rod. If you buy from the states you will get an excellent new rod, plus line for $300. I do agree about the lack of need for a snazzy reel.

    Good mid-range rods are available from the likes of Orvis, Sage, Reddington etc. However, if I had to choose a brand in that price range I would go with a Temple Fork rod. A #7 TiCr perhaps.

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