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    Re: Govt backs down on snapper bans and adopts LNP policy (for now at least)

    Let's script it, huh?

    Reporter: Let's go now to Mark Robinson, LNP Member for Cleveland, and ask him what the LNP's response to the new ALP Policy is.

    Mark Robinson: (Looking very confident) When elected we will do a, b and c. We also have policies in place to deal with d,e and f. Also we have strategies to deal with x, y and z. These polices are what we offer the people of Qld.

    Reporter: casting a sideways glance at Mark: There you have it Folks, the LNP have all the bases covered.

    (Cut to Canberra)

    Reporter: Mr. Brown, what do you think of the LNP's comments?

    Bob Brown: (glancing up and down at the male Reporter, looking dumbfounded) Well, what can i say. I will have to peruse their policies. I must admit they do look rather substabtial. Mark Robinson said it all.

    (and so on, let the imagination run wild...)

    There are 2 ways of going about issues.

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    Re: Govt backs down on snapper bans and adopts LNP policy (for now at least)

    Tim, most people here know of your alegency to the LNP but your past couple of posts branding everyone who has questioned Mark really make you look quite close minded and one dimensional. You are coming across as that which you are accusing others of. Pinhead's point is valid- Mark stated not long ago that a policy has not been formed fully yet the opposition have adopted it. Like Pinhead I am a swinging voter with no interest in either party and this point is pretty clear to everyone here except, it seems, yourself and Mark.

    Now I understand the reasoning behind holding off on policies until an election has been called but your 'reading between the lines' approach is deeply flawed and is an approach pollies have been counting on for as long as the westminster has been around. Just because a pollie says something does not mean it will happen, the odds are the opposite will happen. At least with a policy there is some grounds for a backflip to be held accountable.
    Personally I think Mark will probably do the right thing for fishos if LNP get in, I wouldnt put my house on it but. However attacking the government by claiming they have stolen LNP pollicies that are yet to be informed is a bit rich and everyone has a right to be sceptical and to press Mark on his claims. If you think people are dumb or ignorant for doing so it might be time for a visit to the room full of mirrors.

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    Re: Govt backs down on snapper bans and adopts LNP policy (for now at least)

    Bob Brown: (glancing up and down at the male Reporter, as if sizing him up for a latex suit) Fu*&ing pisser..

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    Re: Snapper ban sinks under pressure

    I thought you were a bit younger Scott. Apologies. I am all for recruiting the next generation of fishing leaders now as there are a lot of grey heads sitting at the table, mine included.

    BTW, there is no "charter sector." It would have been a product of the Snapper review. Charter fishermen are after all is said & done, rec fishos.

    Charter operators are commercial operators (not commercial fishermen). We were seeking some business certainty against loss of access to a resource as well as some protection through a defined property right against MPA planning. We have achieved neither of these two goals & remain simply as platforms for recreational anglers.

    I tried to make the point of difference that charter should be treated separately as commercial operators because of the sector's special needs & modus operandi. Did not happen. So we are all one happy rec fishing family once more, recs on charter vessels, recs on the bank & on their own craft all fishing.

    Barry, rising fuel & power costs are the bane of the charter as well as bait & tackle industries. Good charter operators try hard to deliver a great value-for-money day no matter what species are on offer & no matter what the current fisheries regulations are. I will be trying my hardest to continue delivering good charters into the future- and my business certainly looks more viable now the threat of extended closures has been removed for now.



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    Re: Govt backs down on snapper bans and adopts LNP policy (for now at least)

    On a serious note:

    I don't know if I missed it in the article, but when does this new bag limit take effect, immediately? I am so FU*&^%G sick of rules changing every 5 mins! This is not a win by any means, and Bligh and her MUPPETS are treating us like shit on a stick! I too don't know why the LNP can't come out and give there policy on fishing, snapper bans etc, etc,,, without saying that Labor stole there policies. Last I heard this forum is time stamped, so if the LNP puts there policy on here there would be proof as to who stole what, and when! If the LNP were going to go to the election with this 4 fish, and only 1 fish over 70 cm, then wowee, I'd be lining up to vote for them...NOT!

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    Re: Snapper ban sinks under pressure

    is there any publicly available data of mortality rates for released snapper?

    personally, i'm all for a reduction in the bag limit, but all fish should be able to be of any size over the minimum. this rule of only 1 fish over 70cm will lead to people being forced to release 70cm+ fish (after they've caught their first good fish) that will have a better than even chance of perishing anyway.

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    Re: Snapper ban sinks under pressure

    Deputy Premier and Attorney-General, Minister for Local Government and Special Minister of State
    The Honourable Paul Lucas

    Sunday, June 26, 2011
    Solution found with no more bans on fishing snapper

    Recreational bag limits on snapper will be reduced from five to four under new rules to manage one of the State’s most important fisheries.
    The move means the sustainability of the species can be protected with no future bans on catching snapper in Queensland.
    Acting Premier Paul Lucas and Fisheries Minister Craig Wallace said today that a six-week ban earlier this year on catching snapper would not be repeated.
    “This move comes after the Minister consulted with the public across the State and representatives from the charter, commercial and recreational fishing sectors about how best to protect this important resource,” said Mr Lucas.
    “What they told us was in everyone’s interests to protect this species but it became clear that this could be achieved without blanket bans on fishing.
    “We have to balance the need to protect this species, the jobs the fishing industry provides and the right for Queenslanders to chuck in a line.
    “Under these regulations recreational fishers will be able to keep four snapper instead of five and only one of those four is permitted to be over 70cm.
    “We are still committed to rebuilding snapper stocks but doing it in such a way that doesn’t threaten industry or the Queensland way of life.
    “Fisheries Queensland will closely monitor the success of this program and we will know more about this species than ever before.”
    Mr Wallace also announced that he would form a new recreational fishing advisory group, including Sunfish and other recreational fishing groups, to advise him on fishing policy.
    “Queenslanders have a passion for fishing and for the wonderful seafood that this State’s waters produce,” Mr Wallace said.
    “However, we need to ensure that our fisheries are sustainable so our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same unique lifestyle,” he said.
    “In close consultation with fishers we have come up with sensible changes that protect some of the most popular commercial and recreational fish species in Queensland.
    “As a keen angler myself, I personally oversaw the consultation process to ensure community views were heard at the highest levels of government,” he said. .
    The Bligh Government announced last year that it was seeking public input on the management of fish species including snapper, pearl perch and teraglin.
    The public consultation finished in April this year and Mr Wallace said he had carefully considered the 712 public submissions, industry feedback and scientific recommendations.
    Mr Wallace said changes included:

    • No further bans on snapper fishing;
    • Reducing the recreational bag limit for snapper from five to four, with a maximum of one fish with a total length over 70cm allowed. The minimum size limit for snapper will remain at 35cm. This will apply to all recreational anglers, including fishing from charter boats;
    • There is no proposed change for the size and bag limits for pearl perch and teraglin;
    • An online monitoring program will be introduced for recreational fishers to log snapper catch data, to ensure up-to-date and accurate information is available for future reviews. The program will be launched later this year;
    • There also will be an education program to reduce snapper deaths through incorrect catch and release;
    • Another review of fisheries management, including an updated snapper assessment, will be held in 2014; and

    New recreational fishing advisory group
    A new recreational fishing advisory group, including Sunfish, will be formed to advise Minister Wallace on fishing policy. The government will be looking for expressions of interest to join this group.
    “I thank Sunfish for its advice and guidance while the government has considered this vital issue,” Mr Wallace said.
    “I believe these proposed changes strike a fair balance between the interests of commercial and recreational anglers and the need to protect stocks of this iconic species,” Mr Wallace said.
    Media inquiries: 0448 853 610
    You can't be neutral on a moving train

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    Re: Snapper ban sinks under pressure

    So there is a couple of years grace before they fire it up again

    I think the reduction from 5 to 4 is BS BUT I can live with it. But the 1 over 70cm is crap as the other guys have said. They will kill more bigger models than save with this. What really peeves me is after all these meetings, being repeatedly told there is an issue - we need to act now, suddenly one less plus a slot limit if the saviour of the snapper

    Labor or LNP I dont care (well I do cause I cant go through another term of the shit) but what upsets me more in life is people that will not stand behind their convictions. The Labor party again have proved themselves to be more interested in re-election that addressing real issues. Fishing is just a small part. My wife is a deputy principal of one of the biggest special schools in this state and the crap I hear from her about the way this government treat kids/families actually does bring tears to my eyes.
    You can't be neutral on a moving train

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    Re: Govt backs down on snapper bans and adopts LNP policy (for now at least)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Robinson MP View Post
    If you can't accept that LNP's fishing policy about bans = no bans, that is up to you. If you don't support the LNP that is up to you - its a democracy and you have a choice. But a vote to re-elect the Bligh Labor govt, is a vote to bring back Labor's snapper bans.
    Regardless of the Science ( That the LNP will commission if elected)

    So is it .... "no bans policy" ? - pre election - to gain the fishing vote

    & then reconsider based on peer reviewed research once elected .

    or ...... "No bans" regardless of peer reviewed research .

    From what you are saying (now) ..... there will not be any snapper bans!!! - so why all the past talk of scientific research ?

    Give a man a fish & he will eat for a day !
    Teach him how to fish
    & he will sit in a boat - & drink beer all day!

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    Re: Govt backs down on snapper bans and adopts LNP policy (for now at least)

    I am happy to repeat and restate for my Labor fishing friends on AUSFISH: The LNP's policy is 'SUSTAINABLE FISHING WITHOUT BANS'. Put simply 'No snapper ban.' The govt has just adopted the LNP position on snapper, but unfortunately they cannot be trusted to bring it in. The ywill do and say anything to get past the next election.
    I am on the public record over the last 2 years as ant-bans - in parliament (search hansard for your self), on Nuggett's 4bc fishing show, in Bayside Bulletin ... Any reasonable person will acknowledge that ... check it out and if you feel I am incorrect, quote me - time and place.

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    Re: Snapper ban sinks under pressure

    I could see this cock up evolving some time ago.

    Option 2 without the fee was the logical way to go and would have satisfied the majority of Offshore and inshore snapper anglers.

    Now we have a reduction in the bag limit to 4 (which I can live with) but 1 over 70cm is the worst case senario for offshore snapper anglers. The inshore reefs are going to get very crowded next year with all the offshore boats now electing to target squire.

    Most anglers I talk to would have preferred a 6 weeks closure instead of the reduction in bag limit.


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    Re: Govt backs down on snapper bans and adopts LNP policy (for now at least)

    I guess the agro you're attracting Mark is because you're trying to claim cheap political points from Labors snapper back flip. And just like "Thy Brother's Keeper" you resorted to a tantrum and name calling when people don't see things your way, again. Comments like "Labor hacks" and "ALP fishing friends" are way off the mark, I know a couple of these guys wouldn't vote for Labor in a fit, they're just sick of people pi##ing in their pockets. Perhaps if you had posted "Labor Backs Down on Snapper Bans thanks to People Power and Pressure From the LNP" you would have received support, from myself and many others.
    No one doubts you're anti snapper ban (we all are), but that ain't a policy by a long shot mate and you shouldn't be pretending it is. If it was policy it would be on the LNP web site, and you know that. I asked Newman in person about his rec fishing policies and he was honest enough to tell me that's one policy they havn't got to yet. Take a leaf out of his book.

    And Tim, no policies until an election is called is pure BS, the LNP has plenty out right now, just not a fishing one. Look at their web site, plenty there for both Sate & Fed and no elections called yet.

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    Re: Govt backs down on snapper bans and adopts LNP policy (for now at least)

    Well said Mike - you have gotten to the very heart of how most are viewing this thread IMHO...

    Political point-scoring at its best (or worst!)...

    Reminds me of the old joke:

    Q: "How do you tell when a politician is lying?"
    A: "When his lips are moving..."

    Seems to be the case here!



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    Re: Snapper ban sinks under pressure

    Don't lose sight of what we could have had imposed on us. Bag limit of 2, fee to catch snapper and closures.
    Barry, you as well as everyone else complained about the data that Fisheries Qld. were using. Online monitoring by snapper fishers instead of whiting fishers or crabbers will provide more accurate data. We just need to make sure that this data is available to all of us and not just a filtered version.
    Sunfish has enquired of the Minister and been assured that if the data proves what we have been saying about snapper stocks then the bag limit will be increased.
    I would say there is definitely an election in the air, get your wishlists ready.

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    Re: Govt backs down on snapper bans and adopts LNP policy (for now at least)

    Mark Robinson- If the LNP get in I sure as hell hope you dont have the same policy, I would rather cop a snapper ban and be left with freedom of choice when I can be bothered to fish than have to release decent size snapper, the 1 or 2 missed trips at the end of summer with bugger all fish around at the time barely even registered, on a personal level' granted its not good for charters and shops as a whole.

    maybe some would see it as elitist but catching a 70cm fish is just an average one a lot of the time, snapper dont have a lot of meat on them and if you get out wide once a month if lucky like most of us do 5 fish never went very far, now 4 and mostly small at that what a joke.

    attatched a pic to remember what freedom of choice WAS like, this was a typical trip for 3 guys during what they said was a snapper shortage, only 3 of these fish are legal now, throw them back and catch smaller ones FMD.
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