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Thread: Forum upgrade

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    Gee thanks Horse. Looks like I won't be able annoy anyone anymore.
    The dislike button might have a meltdown if I annoy someone/anyone too much

    Oh well. Such is life
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    I've just noticed the dislike tally up now as well.
    Someone's already disliked me.
    Is that a reason to hate the world and take drugs?? Well it's a good enough reason for a lot of crims isn't it??

    Oh well. Such is life

    Woohoo. the post count is off again. Thanks Steve
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    re font size - hold control and scroll with mouse wheel.

    Farrrr out. That is the best thing since sliced bread.

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    Thanks Pete
    A Proud Member of
    "The Rebel Alliance"

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    How do you search for your own posts?
    Both the search function using your name and in your members profile "find all posts" come back with "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms"
    Also reply to thread icon doesn't work, it just redirects you to quick response.
    Last edited by Triple; 01-06-2011 at 07:37 AM. Reason: spelling

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    To find your own posts just click on - Quick Links - Subscribed Threads

    Click on - Go Advanced - if you need more options to reply
    Last edited by Ausfish; 01-06-2011 at 08:48 AM.

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    Steve looks good after a few minor adjustments(control + scrol lmouse up or down). Will be better once all the bugs are gone for we users and no doubt you and the mods...

    Cheers Pete

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing another issue with internet explorer - when I click on the item to go to new post first, I'm only going to the last page, not directly to the newiest post.

    Is this a IE problem or just my computer? I'm still experiencing the plain issues as well by having to scroll all the way to one side for reading and posting.



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    Re: Forum upgrade

    yeah the page margins are bad on my computer

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    Sorry, driving me crazy at the moment. Page is 100 m wide and my screen is only 40 cm. HOW TO FIX PLEASE?

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by Noelm View Post
    Yep, same for me, I have to scroll across for ages to read the text, does not seem to be any kind of "wrap around" setting that I could find.

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    a monthly competition I see also.

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    Working on a fix for IE at the moment. Hopefully not too far away, nearly got it.

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by Searaider 2 View Post
    Hi Neil,
    Didn't even know there was a dislike button till you mentioned it .
    And Sorry I couldn't resist giving it a try .
    Dooooh , now I can't find how to take it back off .
    A couple more and he should develop a complex

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    Re: Forum upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by finga View Post
    And bigger writing would be nice so I can read it.
    It reminds me of trying to read a message on my mobile phone....something I tend not to do.

    Also the post count needs to go. Seeing it makes me realise I need a life
    Hey Scott,
    I just worked put that if I live to a ripe old age of 323 , I will equal your post count.

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