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Thread: gar on fly

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    gar on fly

    The gar are on in the lower Mooloolah Rv around La balsa park.
    I got one today on a floating bread fly, but next time I'll use sinking as the locals catch heaps on floats and small pieces of prawn.


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    Re: gar on fly

    Try some trout flies like that resemble big mosquitos, gar cant resist them. I go to NPD and snare a few dozen before i head over to moreton fishing.

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    Re: gar on fly

    Hi Jack,
    Today I used a smaller sinking white fly, got a couple and lost a lot, it was fun.
    My mate tried a trout fly got one, a lot of bites.
    Where is NPD?
    They look like perfect bait..........
    It was a casting lesson as my mate is an expert and gives me a few tips.......... as well as fishing....


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