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    New Zealand Fly Fishing

    Just a couple of video clips I put together from the end of the season just gone a few weeks ago, the highlight a beautiful 10lb brown as you'll se in the clip, hope you enjoy.

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    Re: New Zealand Fly Fishing

    Great fish and a fantastic venue, thanks for sharing. I was fortunate to spend a day with Zane Murfin in March on South Island Browns but nothing like that monster. Between that trip and your video's, looks like I have the fly fishing bug again.

    How's the z-axis, I amthinking seriously of picking one up on my next US trip.


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    Re: New Zealand Fly Fishing

    No problem Steve, Zane is an amazing guide and very highly regarded.

    To be honest I'm not a huge fan of the Z-axis, I think for small streams it is lovely and delicate but it really is a bit "weak" on punching out a good line on any river of size despite developing a high line speed, the 6wt version would be better I'm thinking for what I do.

    I have a few of the Sage Flight's for clients in 9' 4pc #5 and that for the money is my favourite rod, amazing line speed, durable and very, very punchy into a breeze. they are a bit thicker in the blank but for back country fishing IMO you just can't go past them and also half the price of a Z-axis!



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    Re: New Zealand Fly Fishing

    Chers andrew,

    Appreciate your advice and with the money you my have saved me now by not going the Z-Axis, I can look you up when I am transiting through Wellington later in the year!!


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    Re: New Zealand Fly Fishing

    No problem Steve, yes, they really are a top rod the Flights, they are faster actioned than my favourite, the old Sage XP series, I fish 6wt lines on the 590/4 models as they load a bit better for short work, I'll always grab the Flight over the Z-Axis unless I'm fishing a small stream with #16 and under drys, which is where it excells. Absolutly look me up if in Wellington, it's a great fishery here without the pressure of the South Island and the fish in this region are genrally much larger averaging around 4-6lbs, but in slightly less numbers.


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    Re: New Zealand Fly Fishing

    Mate that was an awesome vid...Thanks


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