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    $1 Chinese Lures - Any Experience?

    Hi guys,

    Just came across this company in China selling lures that look similar to other better known brands. Lures are around $1 or less. Don't know if they come with split rings/hooks etc. Wouldn't imagine them to be great quality if they did. Just wondering if anyone on here has brought anything from them, or have used their products?

    Link to their website is here.

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    Re: $1 Chinese Lures - Any Experience?

    some cheap lures do not have a strong point to attach hooks/split rings, one I saw was a straight out copy of a well know (and expensive) large lure, the real one sells for well over $20, and the copy was about $4 but the little "loop" that the split rings go on and the "tow point" was only a tiny screw in eye sort of thing, it took about 2 good yanks to pull it straight out with fingers, and this is on a lure supposed to be fished on 24KG line, the first fish would have been the last.

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    Re: $1 Chinese Lures - Any Experience?

    I hear what you're saying. I brought some cheap lures at the Tinny & Tackle show a few years ago (everyone will know the company) and the screwed in eyelet fell out in the packet, before I even touched it!

    I am thinking about trying one of their 8 lure packages to see a) if they steal my identity and send me nothing and b) if the lures are of ok quality. Hoping someone on here has dealt with them before to assure me that point 'a' isn't a concern.

    Knowing a little about manufacturing in Asia through some past clients I know that some factories produce overrun products which the staff then go and sell on the cheap. This happens with clothing, never heard of it happening with lures but it's not impossible that a factory that makes expensive lures for company 'x' uses the same process to make a few that are the same except for colours/packaging/branding. Might be wishful thinking but for a few dollars it might be worth a try.

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    Re: $1 Chinese Lures - Any Experience?

    The braid they advertise as powerpro is fake, I can assure you of that.

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