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    Re: Solo boat retrieval

    That makes it look easy.
    I'm guessing you have had lots of practice.


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    Re: Solo boat retrieval

    I only recently purchased a 4.8m fibreglass runabout with 80hpmerc, with a skid and centre roller trailer .... i have found it is easier to drive boat on as in video ... but i ensure trailer glides are just submerged. As a rule of thumb i only drive on the trailer if i was able to drive off easily. I normally only launch from ramp 3 at Patterson river Carrum vic ... perfect depth for my setup ..nice pontoon, moorings .... ramp 4 is too shallow and ramps 1&2 are cross tide entries.

    To make things easier i will replace current straight centre rollers with self centring rollers and check out the latch system at Melb boat show early june

    As a new chum to boating i have spent a lot of time observing others launching and retrieving boats of all sizes ....and have seen quite a few .mis launches of note was a guy in a flash dual cab ute.. with a new jetski ...he got his jetski close to the water undid ties..his girlfriend offered to reverse his ute so he could launch jet ski and she could park ute ..seemed like a good idea to me ....but our macho man says way a womans driving my ute so he starts to reverse down ramp hits brakes and his new jetski is dumped onto the concrete ramp ....macho man ...had taken off safety chain before he got in the water ... he brokes into a colorful display of language and arm waving before dropping to his knees and trying to get his baby in the water. deeply scarred his jetski floated but i'll bet she was back in the shop for repairs next day

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    Re: Solo boat retrieval

    Quote Originally Posted by Rowdy1 View Post
    To make things easier i will replace current straight centre rollers with self centring rollers
    don't change them all straight away...

    I have 5 sets of 2 keel rollers, I changed just one single roller to a self centring roller towards the back of the trailer, and that was the end of my problems

    possibly just 1 and the back and 1 at the front would be enough for other boats - it doesn't take much to get the boat on centre

    only spend the money you have to spend

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    Re: Solo boat retrieval

    Thanks true blue... Will follow your advice

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    Re: Solo boat retrieval

    Quote Originally Posted by Defore View Post
    That makes it look easy.
    I'm guessing you have had lots of practice.

    That's absolutely right..

    I only go to the ramp to practice my launch and retrieve but may as well go fishing cos it's in the water.

    In reality it only takes 1 go when the conditions are right and a little more when conditions are wrong (like wind or current)


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    Re: Solo boat retrieval

    And he didn't even get his feet wet??

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    Re: Solo boat retrieval

    Quote Originally Posted by culbara View Post
    Not too hard with a roller trailer as it is self aligning but a lot harder with skids and centre roller

    I have skids & a centre roller ..... no dramas -

    get the nose on ...... turn the motor to align the boat with the winch post - then slowly move forward adjusting the trim ....... once you are on the last certre roller apply a little more power till you get to the winch post ...... leave the motor at that power setting ..... walk up to the front , lean over & hook the safety chain & winch cable .... tighten the winch ...... turn the motor off
    If I have a deckie ..... they dont even get out of the car ... If on my own , I hop over the front onto the draw bar (sometimes I dont even get my feet wet. Typically 2 mins

    Give a man a fish & he will eat for a day !
    Teach him how to fish
    & he will sit in a boat - & drink beer all day!

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    Re: Solo boat retrieval

    Not sure of what is dangerous with leaving the motor running, where is it gunna go?
    Well done,
    395 Stacer Proline Angler - Creeks/Crabbing
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    Re: Solo boat retrieval

    so jealous..... concrete boat ramps/jetty's/pontoons!!!!....that doesnt count.... lol..

    good to see someone make it look easy, it isnt always with wind etc solo.

    Dont mind people taking their time, not rushing (esp if rainy,slippery etc) but nothing worse than people just unprepared & fart arseing about with stuff that should have been done/packed prior to hogging the only un-boggy bloody shale patch on the bank!!!!!

    Actually I prefer to do all my launching and retrieval solo even if I have a deckie...bit of a control freak with my baby, plus its just quicker anyhow & routine is good to make sure nothing ..BUNGS.......I always say it outloud now..'bungs in'....sound like a goose talking to myself, but works (ditto for 'iron off, hair straightener off..Im sure you boys all have these issues too!..lmao)

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