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Thread: Copeton Dam

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    Copeton Dam

    Hey all, thinking about heading down their on thursday.

    Haven't ever fished for cod, nor been to this dam before. Just wondering whats the best techqnue, lures and just a rough idea where to fish and how it has been fishing.

    Cheers Matt

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    Re: Copeton Dam

    I'm not the best person to answer this but my missus grew up out this way and have fished it a few times for a some nice cod and yellas years ago. havent fished it for quite awhile but used spinner baits slow rolled. main problem i had was that there is in parts a massive amount of fishy looking areas with a heap of standing timber and rocky points and banks. almost too much structure. its a great dam. been keen to get back there for some time now.

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    Re: Copeton Dam

    G'day Matt... Copeton can be a very finicky dam to fish,I have had a lot of luck on the Cod with large Spinnerbaits thrown around the large rock formation's...the best area's would be down opposite the wall & right up the top where the Gwydir river runs in...ATM thing's are a bit quiet there were camps all around the dam over Easter & i only heard of a few yellas & 1/ 73cm Cod caught but there would have been more than that...
    I went out myself but could only catch a few Redfin... But knowing dam fishing it could change overnight...

    Good luck

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