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    Electric for Kayak

    Im gettin a 2 person kayak shortly to use up the streams and rivers.

    The specs are 3.9m long 80cm wide. 32Kg

    I will either be fishing with my brother in law or the mrs.

    so will be about 160kg of weight, we dont take much gear just 2 rods the battery for the leccy.

    just wondering what size lb electric motor would be sufficient. its not gonna be something going flat chat, pretty slow really so something that will make it fly along isnt needed

    I was thinking of goin a bit stronger that way dont have to be on the top speed as much, or am i better off just goin a smaller one.

    Cheer guys

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    Re: Electric for Kayak

    Ben , I have a coleman 4.5 m canoe that fishes 2 people , have a 28 lb MinKota on back whick is more than enough for the job . On speed number 1 it is the perfect trolling speed for lures, speed 5 is good for getting from a-b ( very qiuck walking speed ) Hopefully this helps .
    Also suggest going for the salt water version if you can stretch the budget , I mainly use mine in the fresh chasin Bass but it is also good to have the salt water as a option .

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    Re: Electric for Kayak

    Saw on up north with a solar panel mounted on th rear of the kayak with pedal steering and all the electronoics mounted between the drivers knees.

    The beauty was that when the sun was out the battery was on charge on the water or on the car. Great set for up one person, 4 rods and he was getting good fish. All released.

    Also almost ran over the resident croc. going so softly, both got a hell of a fright.

    Have Fun Haji-Baba

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    Re: Electric for Kayak

    Just remember that until you get to a 50lb Minn Kota it doesn't matter if you are on speed 1 or speed 5 the battery drain is the same. Pam has an Ocean Kayak Peekaboo Angler with a 40lb Minn running a 120AH Gel battery while I have an Ocean Kayak Torque with a 38lb Minn with maximizer and a 75AH Gel battery. On a weekend down south we fished together. Her battery was dead flat Saturday afternoon and I recharged it that night. Mine was still going strong on Sunday at lunch time. If you can afford it, buy a Minn Kota with maximizer.

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    Re: Electric for Kayak

    Thanx for starting the post Ben, I have a Lifetime Angler 3.0 which is a double but comfortably fits me and the two rug rats on. I have a Minn Kota 28lb with Maximiser already, anyone got any suggestions or photos on how best to mount a std transom mount to a yak? Cheers, Jamie.
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