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    Flyfishing for Murray Cod Blog

    I've been working on a Blog its all about chasing Murray Cod on the fly in and around the New England region. It's still in progress so there will be more added constantly. It should give newcomers some tips for chasing Natives. Let me know what needs to be improved.
    Regards Nick.

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    Re: Flyfishing for Murray Cod Blog

    Appreciate the link Nick,
    Would like to target the cod here, (SA), but I think there is a ban on ATM,
    They are having a few callop comps in this state near Cobdogler,

    Will find out more info If you want to, a mate fishes every comp but I'm sure its basically a lure comp,

    Will ask mate if they are getting "accidental" captures when targeting callop

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    Re: Flyfishing for Murray Cod Blog

    Nice Blog Flymaster, loved the photos.
    There is some beautiful water & fish in some of those granite hills.

    Cheers Andrew

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