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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    Quote Originally Posted by Pimp A Shrimp View Post
    Sorry Dan - my firewall at work didn't show any detail on the link you sent. I just had a look through my iPhone it i can now see a whole of info. Sorry Mate. Ignore my previous post.
    Yes I have been reading and asking a bit and found that if it is a scam site, there is a good probability that it has been set up totally on FALSE CREDENTIALS AND IDENTIFICATION INCLUDING FALSE CREDIT CARDS.

    Which in the long and short of it means any trace to the actual owners becomes increasingly full of dead ends, especially if you have to deal with other countries.

    If you think a site is suspect then its better to do some research on it or at least post it on here so others can check it out as well.

    Best thing to do if you really think a site is legitimate is use some kind of secure payment like credit card or Paypal, so you can dispute or cease the transaction, though I am unsure that even that is guaranteed !!, Paypal does offer some kind of payback claim.

    Might be an idea to ask your bank about scam transactions and if your card has any features or if the bank has scam guidelines in place as I am sure it differs between banks,


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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    I buy my reels (mainly daiwa) online and save $100 plus with postage included. I just bought my first rod overseas, a Japanese model not available in AUS it was $130 I believe it would be double that in AUS. I also buy my lures that are available overseas, (mainly bass or Japanese lures) because what I pay here is $14, overseas as little as $4 before postage. When you bulk buy he savings are massive!

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    Bcf cairns has gary howard gforce rods on clearance at half price. I think they are superseded but still the best rod around for under $170. Depending on whether the missus is listening I picked up either two or three of them.

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    Il have to check if they have Any left. I'm after a couple of new rods

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