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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    Seeing how most of the major distributors here are owned by either the product brand or associated with a large overseas distribution network, when the years tally is taken they will look at the moneys from around the world and decide on the worth of the network there. Australia has a minimal sales market compared to the rest of Asia, the US, and Europe, but at the end of the year we must have a reasonable profit margin to continue. Smaller numbers of product being sold will justify to the distributors to demand a higher price to maintain globally comparable profit levels.
    I would rather Australia maintain a smaller population and pay more for the products than increase the population to match the demand of the larger countries in order to gain a cheaper product.

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    [QUOTE=Steeler;1296590]Hey PH

    I reckon if they are coming USPS Int Priority you will be reporting back to us all good by the middle of next week, particularly if they make it on a plane by our Friday afternoon.[/QUOTE

    there is no great rush..don't have the rods yet just curious. Many moons ago pre internet I used to get laser discs delivered here..they only took 2 days from placement of order by fax to landing on my doorstep.

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    I ahve been to Japan a few times and often go to a particular tackle store in Tokyo and pick up hardbodies, jigs etc.
    The full retail even when the dollar was weak was sometimes a third to half the retail here.
    Those stores are making a profit and paying astronomical rent, so even with having to import the gear here there shouldnt be that big of a difference.
    Its just all a scam.

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    Ok here is my take on this " are we being ripped off in Australia ". Well with respect to the industry i work in the answer is a yes and a no.

    Where the manufacturer has its own direct presence in Australia the answer is yes, there product they determine what we in Oz pay.

    Where in Australia the manufacturer does not have its own direct presence but has appointed a sole importer/distributor things get well and truly muddled.

    Quite often people will compare a OS price with what will be paid here and are quick to lay blame at the importer here for the inflated prices when quite often it is the OS manufacture who manipulates the local importers buy prices and in turn results in a large price differentiation.

    To give an idea the company i work for is the sole distributor of a world renowned brand and at the pointy end for quality hence not a cheap brand to purchase. What i can tell you is we pay much more for the same product that is sold into US distributors and in the last 18 months have copped 4 price increases from the manufacturer and in this time we have only passed on one of those increases to our dealer network.

    Before slagging off about prices and so called crazy mark ups it pays to find out if the actual product or brand is being brought into Australia by the manufacturer themselves or if it is in fact being brought into Australia by an appointed distributor and hence they are at the mercy of whatever the manufacturer decides to charge and quite often that is a lot more than there equivalent US counterpart.




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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    I guess in a sort of a way, being a sole importer/distributer of a product works for and against you, like, you can charge what you like for your goods, and unless we shop online, then we pay, but on the other hand (as steeler mentions) you are at the mercy of your supplier, who in turn can charge YOU what they like, now, how this is handled is, I guess a business decision between the two parties, I would reckon that if (say) the importers of Shimano tell the parent company they now longer want their product, there would be a thousand business men/women here that would take the franchise on in a heartbeat, but as has been said a thousand times, there is more to running a big import franchise than buying a few reels online with your credit card, or buying a pallet load and skinning us with price, they need to be reliable and have a sustainable business to succeed, this debate will never end, just like e-tecs and 4 strokes, it will rage as long as forums remain and the interweb is operational!
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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia first time buying from the US was successful..the reels turned up today.
    Probably won't do it again..don't need anything else.

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    Theres a golf chain that has just opened a shop in brisbane and their other stores are in melbourne. They import most if not all of the products they sell. I brought a club for $130 and in the shops it retailed from $190 up. They had it on sale for $99 3 weeks later the b@stards but they said they could sell it cheaper because they import themselves. They are going from strength to strength. They must not be terribly worried about the "genuine" importer.

    I nabbed a stradic ci4 from the states for $200 landed at the start of the year saved nearly $100 at the time but i needed a rod which i purchased locally for $250 down from $309. I needed a rod and tax time usually sees me allowed to buy something exy my first port of call was the local tackle shop. I found what I wanted at a price I was happy to pay and grabbed it. I think there will always be people who will buy big ticket items locally maybe not as often but it will continue. I doubt the long standing locals will pack up shop in the near future.

    I go to a non fishing based chain store to grab my hooks cause they are so much cheaper than any fishing retailer... thats my fishing sin Used to be alright for gulps to but the price is slowly going up they may have been told they were selling to cheap or the supplier has forced a price rise?
    "It's not a sport if the other team doesn't want to play"


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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    you can save a lot of money, I mean at least $20 to $30 a visit, by shopping around for the basics.

    Although stuff like Gamakatsu will always have a higher price range, but if I am just baiting 70-90cm Jewfish in the Brisbane river I just use cheapo mustads,
    as the Gamakatsus are overkill for them.

    I buy quality depending on how much I need it.

    Quite often I used to buy up at the one shop and walk out with a little bit of gear and a big price tag.

    Now I only buy good PE braid if I need it and cheap platypus mono can be purchased at woolies.

    i recently bought a 300m spool of power pro online for $29, I have seen it in the shops for 35$ for 125 yard.

    shop around.
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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    great thread.

    2 things. I was told by an ex employee of a certain large tackle shop in drummoyne sydney that the price tags of rods has a certain code on it. First is the price , the second number on it is the wholesale price backwards. Giving the salesman a guide to how much he can discount if required. Rather large markups i was told.

    Also heard from someone out west that the compleat angler brand is just a buying coop. However the coop is set up by a corporation that specialises in coop buying and 5% of each order is payed to them as commission.

    What is for certain though retail as we know it is dead. In 10 years time who knows what will be going on. Business will take the Apple route. Manufacturer direct. 1 large store per city. If you have any resellers they will be raped trying to compete. MInimal stock on hand. Delivered from super wharehouse in asia.

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    I doubt that retail stores will completly die out, becuase there is a large portion of the buying public who will for a variety of reasons continue to walk in and buy.

    No doubt there will be ongoing changes to the structures.

    In other sectors there are companies that are selling direct to end user running right beside conventinal retail operations...and product that is being purchased at considerably lower prices via overseas mail order while others still continue to buy at full retail.

    But I have to agree that the days of the small suburban tackle store being able to compete on a full range of brand name product are done and finished.

    Its the details, those little details, that make the difference.

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    If ya think its bad in the tackle business.
    looking at cameras at the moment.....when you can buy a camera for $799 from one supplier and buy a telephoto lense to go with it at $499...then find the same camera packaged with the same lense and a flash unit for $999 from another supplier...there is some pretty big margin floating arround there somewhere.

    I think the average retail buying wage earner would be shocked at the margins in some items.


    Its the details, those little details, that make the difference.

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    I though the usual markup was 300%

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    This has been an amazing thread so far and I've really enjoyed how people have weighed their opinions and sought to understand why we have this issue. It's interesting seeing on places like facebook how all the distrubutors now have their own facebook pages for Daiwa Australia, Pontoon21 Australia, Shimano Australia etc etc... And it'd be great to possibly hear from some of these companies and give us 'their' side of things. Also more input from tackle store owners would be interesting too and see where this marked rise is coming from, it would seem obvious that problem is coming from the system of how we're doing things and really we'd hate to see the guys who run tackle stores who've made their lives fishing, go down in a heap. Even though there are times when I do find them hard to talk to, or a bit intimidating. Maybe I just don't know enough.

    Best debate that I've seen on here in ages!

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    Gamakatsu are ok but really they ask a mighty price , when hooks half the price do a better job in the river.
    And I mean BETTER!

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    Re: Are we being ripped off with tackle in australia

    Quote Originally Posted by timddo View Post
    I though the usual markup was 300%
    Food and clothing,probably,after all a lot of food gets turfed so the price of the food that does get sold has to cover the stuff that spoils/goes out of date,likewise if something goes out of fashion it's basically dead stock.I can assure you though,for fishing tackle it is a fraction of what your claiming.

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