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    Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    hey guys I am looking to buy a gun, dont know too much about them as I have always used mates guns. I was told omer caymen are a good brand- I can get a 3D 110 for around $395... will be primarily used in airlie/whitsundays for reefies. Any feedback would be appreciated, or any other reccomendations. wanted to spend around 350 or so- or is it worth spending more? thanks in advance. Tippers

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    Hi tippers

    cant help you myself but you could try asking the same questions on the spearoz and extremespearfishing forums. Also, you could give the guys at the adreno spearfishing shop a call - they are usually pretty good.

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    Tippers, I have just posted some information on a speargun and float tec... for sale in the classifieds sectionunder other. It is not mine , but was emailed to me by a spearo mate. his contact information is available on the PDF

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    Sorry wasnt able to upload , email me and I can email the list to you.

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    Heya All,
    This is me 1st post, so here goes.

    I have done alot of spearing and stil like to, as well as fishing now. Which gives you many advantages if you do both. It has opened my eyes alot as I only used to skin dive. I would recomend a South African Rail gun (Or Australian) as they are the original and the best.
    They are powerful accurate and durable at an affordable price - mostly. Brands Like Super Frog (the Australian brand - made by a South African - based on the Sunshine Coast!) or Rob Allen, or Rabitech or Free Diver to name a few. There are many on the market these days. Rail Gun is the key word, the other advantage is generally u can set ur self up to do the maintanance (DIY) if ur that way inclined (powerbands etc). This line of guns are generally more heavy duty and suited to our climate... Eg. generally come with a 7mm shaft/ spear (I would not go for anything smaller. The gun you mentioned would still get fish and I classify them as a Euro style gun. I would say the spear would be smaller than 7mm (which will bend more easily esp on biger fish or bad shots and once the rubbers/ power bands perrrish, which they will it will hit the back pocket time and time again.

    Hope this advice has been helpful.
    And bring on the snap dogs... hopefully will be a good season.

    Cheers Cal

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    I agree with waterbouy....stick with Rob Allen, Rabitech, Edge or FreeDivers and you can't go wrong. I started off with a Rabitech Hunter 1.2m for reefies which served me well, I still use it as a reefie or backup gun. I now use a Rob Allen Tuna 1.3m for reef and bluewater stuff. Mates of mine have got Edge, Rob Allen and Freedivers and they rate waterbouy said, they're better suited to our environment.

    Have a look at the Adreno forum, you'll find plenty of handy info there too.

    Cheers, Chris.

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    Appreciate the feedback guys, I am now looking at a freediver 110 EVO- there priced at $395 for the full set up. I assume this is a railgun, you guys are probably laughing but hard for a newbie! Know all about fishing but so little about spearing. I heard the free divers have a spring steel spear also, which opposed to stainless will hopefully stay align hitting the occasional bit of coral etc. I am leaning towards this, and probably buy next week unless any of you can suggest anything better? Would it be good going any longer? or 110 would be good for the reef? I dont really intend on going for bluewater species such as macks, tuna, etc as I am too scared that some big sharks will be following them haha rather try and stick to shallow reefs around islands (please dont tell me if I am being naive thiking that they wont come in here-dont want to know), might have to invest in a shark shield later on! cheers.

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    Sent you a PM.

    By the way, don't worry about a shark sheild.....time spent in the water will get you comfortable with them, but you still need to be cautious. Dispatch fish as quick as possible and always dive with a dive buddy.


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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    Yeah dont bother with a shark shield, but remember it is their domain. Most places you dont have to bother. They are amazing to see under water, but you will get to read em.

    I would strongly recomend a 1.3m gun, as an all rounder but dont get less than a 1.2m!
    Im lucky enough to have 6 spearguns range-ing from 30cm to1.4m.

    The free diver you r talking bout would be a railgun. Do your homework and you will get a good buy.

    Good luck

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    ended up getting a freediver 120 EVO from adreno for $289! awesome. Cant wait to use it, appreciate the heads up Chris!! perfect timing with the sale. cheers again

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    Hey bro wish I got back earlier to read this I'd def have gone the omer they are a awsome little gun. The freedivers bend and stay bent I've seen mine do it and a mates and 1 of the guys at adreno had his do the same strange thing is they still shot well afterwards. Try running 2 x 16mm rubbers on it instead of the single 20 it'll come with not only will it be faster but it'll stress the tube less

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    For that money, he has a good gun. Im sure he will get the same amount fish. Have you used the gun yet?

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    I havent got the gun yet, hpefully will arrive in the next few days. Pretty keen to get it in the water, I might look at replacing the 20ml with 2x16ml if thats the case. Yeah I'm pretty happy for $289 with the reel also, good special. Anyway i will throw a report up on here when I use it! Not sure on exact dates moving to whitsundays as it looks as thouhg my contract in darwin may have been extended..... not too sure about jumping in the water up here, especially with some of the crocs I have seen casually swimming around on reefs up to 5km off the shorline. Scary! Crocs and Sharks, keen... not that keen haha Appreciate all the help guys, hard chosing a gun when your starting out as there are so many options and so many things I dont know!

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    Re: Omer Caymen HF 3D Speargun 110cm

    Mate, i know what you mean about it being a hard choice but you will be happy with your gun especially getting the gun and the reel for that price. I got a 1.4 freediver and also recomend changing the 20mm too 2x16's it will make the world of difference. i've had mine for 2 years now and its caught me some nice fish, only problem being the length but the 1.2 should be perfect.


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