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    Fur or Synthetic - Which One?

    For all you fly nuts out there. Which material do you prefer to use and why.

    Real Fur or Synthetic Fur? Or a combination of both?

    What would be your biggest factors in your selection, Cost? User Friendly? Colours? Action? Durability?



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    Re: Fur or Synthetic - Which One?


    Usually fur for fresh and synthetic for salt. I also do quite a few combination patterns depending on what I am trying to achieve.

    I like the subtle movement of fur in freshwater, especially during the pause and the bouyance properties of some that allows a suspending fly to be made. Synthetics in salt are more durable and cheaper. They also give great movement and flash (to different degrees depending on the material) at the higher speeds.


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    Re: Fur or Synthetic - Which One?

    Thanks Steve,

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    Hi Nik,

    I have changed to all synthetics for some years now,
    More durable
    More choices,
    And, you don't have to explain what that smell is in your drawer coming from the collection of calf-tails

    The choices for winging material is endless and just a great choice of colours,

    Unfortunately, not all suppliers sell the same gear but you can usually get what you want from about 3 of them, on the net, or phone orders, as they are all Australian businesses

    If you want to know who I use, sent me an email

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