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    Hey Guys,
    My name is Shaun and I'm from the Gold Coast.

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    Re: Goldy

    Welcome Aboard Shaun,
    We hope you Enjoy your time at Ausfish. If you have any questions try our serch area, it full of good stuff and if its not there just fire away.


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    Re: Goldy

    Heya mate, welcome to the forums. where bouts on the coast are ya? usually landbased or boat?


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    Re: Goldy

    Hey Ben and thanks for the welcome guys.
    Mainly Boat mate. Offshore and inland.
    Going to 1770 for 2 weeks early april. Can't wait to give the PE flies a shot but it will be hard to out gun the coral trout jellybeans (Yakas).
    What about you?

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    Re: Goldy

    very nice, yeh im mainly boat, (when my bro inlaw can take it out) just inside mainly round jumpinpin. would be good to get my own bit bigger to go outside a bit, one day lol. do lots of bass fishin as well so thats mainly landbased till i find a cheap ratty canoe. not spending 2k on one.

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