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    whitsundays Spear fishing

    Hey Guys,

    I will be moving to the whitsundays soon hopefully and keen to get into some more spearing. Just wondering if a few guys that live in that region could give me a bit of feedback about whats its like that way? I have a 5m quintrex boat with a 60hp 4 stroke and 100l fuel capacity, any chance of getting out to the GBR at all? What about the zoning etc??? Anyway any info would be greatly appreciated, and if there is anyone who is without a boat but knows the spots and wants give me the run down would be more than happy to take you out. cheers, tippers. Plus thanks in adavance for your feedback!

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    Re: whitsundays Spear fishing

    Hi Mate, spearing can be pretty good but we have BIG tides and you need to work the neaps and the day or 2 after to get clear water. Your boat is no problems with the reef on good days. I regularly went out in my old 4.5 top ender with a 50 Honda.

    Zoning is a BIG issue. Get a GBRMPA map. Different rules here. You can't spear in a yellow zone inside the dotted red line which surrounds the area. It is also a point of conjecture as to wether you are allowed to spear in blue zones either. I have had conflicting advice from GBRMPA and Fisheries re this.

    Plenty of trout, bluies and crays in the blue zones on the eatern side of Hook Island..


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    Re: whitsundays Spear fishing

    Best spot is Deloraine Island. Big trout there. Mind you if you can get to Deloraine you might as well go to the reef. Don't both with the first one (Hook) it is flogged keep gong to Line

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    Re: whitsundays Spear fishing

    sounds pretty good! Getting a new spear gun in the next couple of weeks, thinking a rob allen 1300 stealth, that shouldnt have any probs spearing majority of fish on the reefs...! Or you guys can advise otherwsie? Anyway appreciate your helpand cant help to get out there. Ps with the crays do you shoot them or just grab em? thanks!

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    Re: whitsundays Spear fishing

    Hey mate pm me your number and I'll hand it over to a friend of mine that still lives there. I've shown him plenty of good spots as I grew up there. I know he is keen to find a keen dive buddy and his boat is a tad small for the reef so you got some leverage there. The rob allen will be fine and you'll get many yrs out of it but I do believe there is better guns out there but for how often you'll get to use it down there it should be fine. Dont worry about that local appreciation zone it only bothers those that go to the regular flogged out spots anyway. Our crays up here cant bend there feelers back over there heads so grabbing them can be a chalenge but if you can it is def the way to go as spearing them makes them tough sometimes but also it can be your only option at times. Biggest prob back home is that the water is ussually pea soup green for 95% of the year and there is a 25knt s/e wind blowing for 95% of the year so sickies are def nessesary to get out the reef on good weather days. I'm not guna tell ya on here where to go but pm me N if me mate is keen to help ya he'll get in touch.

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    Re: whitsundays Spear fishing

    Hey D River tried PM you but didnt work? Anyway moving from Darwin for a bit of a seachange, used to spear there and get some good fish. Always borrowed mates guns. So looking to buy one, what is best value for say $300-350? or is it worth spending more? I looked up the 3D camo and its 495 or so.... is there another which is cheaper, you guys would know what i'll be spearing! thanks in advance

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