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    Re: Little Help Please

    yeah shafts are same 7.5 on both

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    Re: Little Help Please

    I have been using a 1.3 Rob Allen with a single 18mm rubber for a number of years now and have no dramas with it not being powerful enough. I have landed some big spanish, blueys and trout on it and have faith i can shoot most things with it. I am about to buy another gun so i thought i would check out these aimrite guns after following this thread. I cannot justify the $1000 price tag, give me two RA's for that price. I am not saying they are better, i just feel comfortable using something i now and trust. Most new toys seem unreal to start with until the next best thing comes along. Nothing wrong with the old toy, just the new more expensive one must be better! The old undersee woodie has probably landed more good fish over the decades than our fangle dangle aluminium and carbon guns anyway. My two cents, feel free to fire away.

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    Re: Little Help Please

    What Chris says is right... there is a huge difference in performance between different rubber types. Same rubber, same length gun, same shaft then the guns should have the same power. The rail on the AR is shallower than that on the RA and so may have a little less drag but that should be the only difference.
    Have to agree with you Warti.. 1.3 RA with one rubber is all you ever need. Last year I made myself dive all year with a short 900 RA to force myself to get closer to the fish and still shot more than a dozen Spanish. Lots more fish were stoned as well.

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    Re: Little Help Please


    This is my first thread as we have been pretty busy since our arrival in Australia. You see I moved my family and business to the tiny town of Cardwell about 9 days before Yasi. Yes I know welcome to Queensland.

    I would like to dispell a few items that have been said: First off Rob Allen and I are pretty good friends, Rob makes my OEM shafts for me. We also buy our rubber from the very same manufacturer in the USA, it is the same blend and the only difference is color and choice of size. Both guns are an outstanding value and an excellent choice! We only have one factory/shop and it is in Cardwell Qld.

    We have 8 guns in our line up that range from $400-1400 even our alley guns have the same trigger, shaft, bands and yes even the same warranty as our most expensive guns (Lifetime). Is all I ask is that you compare apples to apples alley to alley or carbon to carbon.

    Lastly it is my belief that there is no bad gun; at the end of the dat it is the indian not the arrow that brings home the fish! If you are happy with what you are using and confident in it's ability than that is really all we could ever ask of any product.

    Cheers and if you see a 21.5' Contender out on the reef off Hinchinbrook Island swing by and say hi!

    Rick Bettua
    Aimrite Australia

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    Re: Little Help Please

    Edit. Removed ,tks.

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    Re: Little Help Please

    G'day guys, I'm an old spearo , I should have got your thoughts on this one today Badone but never came into my mind until I came across this particular topic.

    I have a Bazooka II speargun made by Undersea, many years ago, twin rubber job.

    Where would this gun sit in comparison with the other spearguns you guys have been talking about.

    I might get back into the spearing scene, nice crayfish and fish to be had, but greysuits are not my companions...I have a respect for smiling teeth.


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    Re: Little Help Please

    Quote Originally Posted by Badone View Post
    Welcome to Aus Rick. Good spot Cardwell... or at least it used to be . Any newbies might be interested in this safety vid. Worth a look.

    I believe this youtube video has been deleted by loader, does not seem to load.


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    Re: Little Help Please

    Bondy, most people start out with a undersea/ seahornet to learn the ropes. But could be used right through if need be. Getting back on the topic a basic spearo kit would be,

    - A weight belt with weight/s depending on wetsuit or bare back and depths (cheap $10 quick realese belt would be fine, ive stil got mine)

    - Fins (the DiveR900 are one of the best blades on the market, not needed to start out, could use a pair swiming flippers or the esclapez are good for the money.. about $220?)

    - A Spear Gun, I like the Ali Railguns (Get the best you can afford, there are some good rail guns kicking around for the $300 mark. You dont need a $600/700 gun to start with.

    - Mask and snorkle, You really want a soft silicon mask and want to be able to try it on for comphy-ness. Cressi and Riffe were my fav's. But undersea did a good pack (mask and snorkle) about $99 may have been called black magic or marlin, cant remember.

    - Basic Football float with flag and rigline is reccomended.

    We dive eitherside of winter with no wetsuits, so not essential down here (SEQ). Goves, booties, knife etc etc can come later.

    I have found it to be a big advantage doing both Fishing and spearfishing. Good luck
    Stop professional fishing... before it's too late!

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    Re: Little Help Please

    Thanks for that but did have most of that gear some time ago. Like most things, some deteriorated over time.

    My scuba tanks, BCD and occy reg was stolen out of my car many years ago (ddi not replace it)..I also scuba dive and yes I do know spearfishing is a no -no on scuba, (just in case someone states the obvious)

    Then some fool 5 years ago stole my wetsuit...5mm diamond nylon 2 made by dolphin wetsuit in Sumner Park...Sure, I outgrown it but it has a big tear in the arse end so it was no good for anything.

    Might get another wetsuit in Camoflage colour (I heard it does not spook fish as much). Time to update my gear.

    Cheers, bondy

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    Re: Little Help Please

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