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    Top 10 Murray Cod Lures

    Hi to all, I am going to Glenlyon Dam soon chasing Murray Cod, (first time on lures) Could people please suggest their best lures for this dam, E.G Name, Weight, coulor etc at present I do not have any lures suitable for cod so will need to purchase lures for the trip.

    Thanks to anyone who can help

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    Re: Top 10 Murray Cod Lures

    Hi mate,
    I used to fish that dam way back and heaps of success on the purple, yellow/black Eddy dambuster lures. Good for 5 metres and a big wide sway.
    Bigger Predatek deep diver lures in the same colours would work ok too.

    Too many lures to choose from these days but I figure most of the cod you will catch will be in 2 to 6 metres of water(daytime)
    And lures from 75mm to 150mm will catch most size ranges of cod.

    Like most fish, stealth is the key.
    Cheers, steve

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    Re: Top 10 Murray Cod Lures

    orgis mate bloody legendary if your going to catch a murray cod its going to be on one of those also bassman spinnerbaits iv heard they work great aswell

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    Re: Top 10 Murray Cod Lures

    Mate i would have to agree,,Spinnerbaits work very well here at Copeton for me,,, Anything in Red & Black or Purple,, with large blades...Good luck

    Cheers Baz

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    Re: Top 10 Murray Cod Lures

    Thanks for the info and tips

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    Re: Top 10 Murray Cod Lures

    Spinner bait I hear are the go but (as mentioned before) also don't forget an older style lure that worked for many years - "Flatfish" 75 mm, 100mm Frog (green and yellow spots) is probablky my favourite but all colours depending on river/water colour have worked in the past for me. Got 4 one weekend smallest 12 lb (5kg) largest 26lb (11 kg) on a propery at Brigalow (between Dalby and Chinchilla).

    Trolled behind a peacefull boat and it doesn't matter oif you don't catch fish (cod or yellowbelly) no better way to spend an afternoon.

    Good luck

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    Re: Top 10 Murray Cod Lures

    I always found one of these to be pretty good, need to add good 6o

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    Re: Top 10 Murray Cod Lures

    Quote Originally Posted by Chong View Post
    I always found one of these to be pretty good, need to add good 6o

    Or those big black yabbies, got to be careful with them though........apparently they hurt if they get hold of your fingers and cause you to swear!!

    Nice pic fo Hektric, he was a pretty boy!


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    Re: Top 10 Murray Cod Lures

    Cod aren't very fussy....Especially when you compare a spinner bait to a hardbody, they don't have much in common. Spinnerbaits are good on drop offs or next to large rocks and logs as you can let them sink into the zone. Hardbody lures (my favorite) are best used casted at the bank on a gently sloping bottom so the lure is in more of a strike zone for longer.
    I have had best luck with Mudeye lures, The Big One(might not be avaliable), 130mm Mohawk and the Happy. In Green or black and gold.
    The main thing to remember is to be quiet!!!...These big fish are wised up don't like people, just like any wild animal.


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    Re: Top 10 Murray Cod Lures

    I have found spinner baits only in the last 2 seasons , I reckon red black with copper blades seem to be best for cod , this is casting into snags in creeks and rivers around wagga , in the dams I find the best spot for cod are the rocky banks , even if they are 30-40 foot of water and our rods virtually touching the rock face this is where you get a lot of cod....My first choice trolling lure is an oargee plow in black, black and white or black with a red head.

    There are differnt depths to them i like the 7.6 metre plow , sit in around the 20-25 foot mark dont be scared to have your lure bang the bottom as this is where the big ones are in their little hidey holes

    Other good lures are hammerheads and extractors made by custom crafted lures in wagga , the lures size doesnt always mean the fish will be in proprtion to it , my biggest cod of 122cm came out of less then 10 foot of water on a black and white extracter 80mm long virtually as the lure hit the water and was still dragging down to the right depth as i started a troll.

    Make sure you take a lure retiever i have saved 100's of lures and at 12-18 bucks each now its worth it , ps i usually only troll with 12-15lb line that holds everything so far i have managed to hook in the dams , majority of fish will be under the 5lb mark

    Good luck

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    Re: Top 10 Murray Cod Lures

    There is a reasonable supply of lures at the Glenlyon kiosk so you can grab some there as well.

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