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    Cool Quick Dive

    G'day fellas,

    With all of the prime weather that Cooktown has been having I have been diving at least a few times a week. I have never seen such good weather in Cooktown as I have over the last month. I am moving to Weipa next week so have been making the most of the good conditions as I am not real keen to get in the water up in Weipa

    We have been diving a few of the headlands and have been getting a decent feed of Trout and Crays in the shallows.

    Vis has been a bit iffy with all of the rain however it has been clean enough to see all of those pesky Whalers that are in plauges at the moment.

    I went for a dive with a diver and his boy that have just moved to Cooktown. Rob and Timmy Shailer are both good divers and Timmy, who is only 12 years old managed to score a nice 60cm Bar Cheek Trout and this little Spanish Mac within ten minutes of being in the water. This lad can dive to 45 feet and is shaping up to be a shit hot spearo as he gets older.

    I also managed my PB Tusk Fish a few days ago out on Egret Reef in 30 feet of water. He pulled off my little air guns shaft but we managed to find him in his hole and put a finishing shot in.

    I have been trying to nail a decent Tusky for a while however all of the better ones are a bit to flighty for my amature skills lol. The Crays are thick at the moment up here and finding the boat bag of 10 crays has been rather easy on certain reefs. On one reef a mate counted over 30 crays however he only kept about 5 crays between the two of them.

    Thanks for reading,

    Nick Stock

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    Re: Quick Dive

    G'day mate, nice report and pics.

    One trick for keeping blueys intersted is lay still on the bottom and toss up small handfulls of sand and grit. Some of them get intersted enough to turn around for a closer look.

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    Re: Quick Dive

    Nice tusky ... I reckon they are sooo UNDER rated. Love their fillet!! Well done!!

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    Re: Quick Dive

    Crayfish shells are the go, drop a few down and way you go on the blue train

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    Re: Quick Dive

    Awesome! Envious as all farq! Well done!
    Young fellas' gunna be a star!

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