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    reccomend me cheap barra combo

    the only time i have fly fished was at glassy fishing world in brissy and loved it so im looking for a basic set up to catch barra and prollys ome other smaller fish.

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    Re: reccomend me cheap barra combo

    Hi There,
    Appears your not getting much feedback?
    Don't worry, its just that kind of sport, this forum covers a wide area of fishing and has a small number of "full time" saltwater fly-fishers

    I've been fly fishing since 1985 and have my sport has taken many turns, started with freshwater but now fish saltwater almost entirely

    I have caught all my Barra with an 8wt rod and an intermediate line with just a couple if flies, one being a yellow/white clouser and a toad fly, (somewhat more complicated to tie but comes with experience)

    The 8wt rod will be a good saltwater rod to start with and a mid priced reel would be fine, the only time you will need to have suitable reel is for fish like Long tail tuna and Spanish mackerel

    Until you get some experience, your in the hands of the retailers

    Your budget would indicate what you able to start with, I would check the flyfishing retailers like fishhead for example and do a search for saltwater flyfishing on the net and you will find an Australian forum dedicated to just that, there the advice on the sport is endless


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