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    Hey guys.

    I have become real interested in spear fishing and want to give it ago. Just need some info. Is there a good shop or internet shop in brisbane or up the sunny coast to buy gear. Also is there a map on places that your allowed to spear fish up the coast and Brisbane and maybe a good place to start as a first timer. Any info would be great.
    Cheers Philpy

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    Re: Newbie

    Gday and Welcome Philpy a search on here mate in the Spearfishing forum thatll be a good start off point. Plenty of good advice from good ppl.
    Looking forward to seeing your first post.

    Mrs Benno1

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    Re: Newbie

    Hi Philpy,
    Adreno ( are really good for spearfishing gear. They are pretty cheap and have a really good selection of guns and wetsuits.
    Up on the sunny coast, give the gneerings and local reefs a try you will usually get some Macks this time of year. Make sure you have a float and flag though, as there can be a lot of traffic out there.
    Also, we have a local spearfishing club started up (last year was our first year), so give me a PM and I will pass on the contact details.


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    Re: Newbie
    Located in Spain but awesome service and prices if you don't mind shopping overseas.
    Adreno are great if you prefer to stay in Aus., very friendly service as well.
    Not sure where you are located but it might be a while before the water clears up enough to spearfish.

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    Re: Newbie

    Adreno will look after you mate with gear and advice

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    Re: Newbie

    Cheers guys. Massive help. Looking forward to my first dive.

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    Re: Newbie

    Quote Originally Posted by D river View Post
    Adreno will look after you mate with gear and advice
    There's good advice and bad advice...... Ring Tony at Superfrog
    .. he'll help you out whether you buy anything from him or not.... and he can dive.

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    Re: Newbie

    Thanks badone Ill shoot him an email

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