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    New to Fly Fishing

    Hello everyone,

    Thinking about giving fly fishing a go. Living on the Gold Coast, I'm looking to mainly target flathead, bream and small trevally, maybe mullet, long toms, whiting or other species? What wt line would I need for this?

    Also, what would be a suitable combo to start off with. Looking to spend under $200, preferably under $150. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or maybe sell me one of their own old combos?

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    Re: New to Fly Fishing


    I fine an 8w is a pretty good allround weight and is handy in a little breeze. You could go 6w, but an 8 gives you a bit more stopping and casting power.

    I would keep an eye on ebay, trading post, local rag, etc and buy the best rod you can afford. Buy a reasonable quality line and the reel can be a cheaper one for the type of targets you are chasing. Suggest you get a saltwater compatible version as this will save you hassles.

    I started with a Gillies starter combo and it was fine to handle the fish you are talking about. You will appreciate the better casting qualities of better rod though, so can upgrade later if you go the Gillies path.


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    Re: New to Fly Fishing

    hey kaidon, i also started with one of the gilles 8wt combos, and i was good to get started with, also you dont want to spend too much, because if you find that you dont like it then your not out of pocket too much.also comes with a good dvd to help you start casting.

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    Re: New to Fly Fishing

    Thanks guys, looks like the Gillies gear is the way to go then.

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